WITH PATTERN: Dongalong in Sydney helps provide packers, knockers for transgender and non-binary people

SYDNEY, NS – Janet Dawson laughs as she talks about the different patterns she and her friends have tried to find the best way to knit a packer.

A packer is often used by trans men and non-binary people to create a bulge in their pants, similar to what a biological (cis) man would have.

“My friend made one that we found on the internet and she said, ‘This is a zucchini in a felt,’ said Dawson, owner of Bobbin Tree in Sydney and co-owner of My Fair Lady.

Continuing to work on models and research online (“There’s a whole Wikipedia page on men’s penis size,” she said), Dawson even sought advice from her husband and friends until ‘she creates a packer that appears to be “the right size for everyday wear.”

“The idea of ​​these complete strangers out there caring about these kids and their sanity, it’s amazing. It’s classic Cape Breton.”

The Westmount resident has no plans to turn packers into a new commercial enterprise. This is part of her Dongalong campaign to provide free packers and knockers (breast forms) to trans people (who want or need them).

Packers and knockers are gender affirming items and Dawson heard about these products after reading the story of a trans man who attempted suicide in a Facebook group she is a member of.

“When he was admitted they took his personal effects including his packer. And his friend who was the one who posted, said she was making him a new one and she posted a picture of it,” said Dawson, pointing out that this incident had not. This will not happen in Cape Breton.

“I spoke to a friend of mine who works in mental health (to let me know if these are needed and if it is common to take them on admission to the hospital) and I was made aware of a real need for packers and knockers in this community. They are very hard to find and there are dozens of people who want them. “

Dongalong 2019

  • Objective: to knit 65 packers, 20 knockers by mid-December
  • For: trans, non-binary and gender fluent people
  • Can help by: picking up kit, knitting at home
  • Or: attend a labor party to help knit, stuff, assemble
  • Where: Bobbin Tree, 48 Prince Street
  • Next working evenings: Nov. 21, Nov. 28
  • Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • More info: 902-270-3247
  • Crochet pattern

Dongalong started soon after. Dawson recruited friends to help him find patterns and sew special pockets into the packers’ underwear so they wouldn’t slip off.

Dawson’s goal is to complete 65 packers and 20 pairs of breast implants by mid-December, which will be distributed free to trans and non-binary people. Organizations working with trans people will distribute gender affirming articles, such as the Cape Breton Youth Project.

“I think there are a lot of trans kids out there who will appreciate the chance to try out a packer or knocker, to see if they like it,” said Madonna Doucette, Youth Project coordinator, who noted that not everyone in the community uses them.

“Janet is creating a network of people who are helping to meet a need in the community … The idea that these complete strangers are out there caring about these young people and their mental health is incredible. It’s classic Cape Breton.

People can help the Dongalong Project by stopping by one of the evenings of work together (Nov. 21 and 28) which are from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Knits and sewers are needed, but Dawson said if you can’t do it. either, it does not matter. People can help stuff items and weigh balls of yarn for packer / knocker kits.

These kits are available at the Dawson store, located at 48 Prince Street, and are intended for people who want to knit at home. When done, they bring the packers and knockers back to the Bobbin Tree to be stuffed later.

Dawson said Dongalong is an interpretation of popular knitting and crochet events, where everyone uses the same pattern.

However, she felt that adding a bit of humor to the name was inevitable.

“There’s no way to take crochet dongs seriously,” she said. “We have a lot of fun (at work nights), they are great fun but no disrespect to the trans community will be tolerated.”

Although the Dongalong campaign ends in December, Dawson is hopeful that she finds a way to continue it into the New Year.

Perfectly Reasonable Crochet Wrapping Dongalong 2019 – The Bobbin Tree on Scribd

Dongalong quick and easy round crochet knocker 2019 – bobbin tree on scribd

Knit Packer – The Can Tree on Scribd


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