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While some small businesses only temporarily closed during the months of lockdown — taking a major hit along the way — many businesses, especially in Illinois, closed permanently. On the other hand, long lockdowns and lasting quarantines have offered lots of extra free time they never thought they would have and with that a chance to start new hobbies and creative pursuits. For many, the pandemic has been a window into crafts and ultimately, the beginnings of small business in jewelry making, knitting, wood carving and more. For others, it meant ensuring that vendors had their own home to sell their handmade goods and local produce. We talked about running a small business during the pandemic with three small business owners from central Illinois.


Andre Ware

Artist and business owner of the In & Out store in Northwoods Mall, Peoria

Rhonda Green

Owner of Sparkle by Rhonda

Taylor Hudson

Unique Product Owner

Prepared for the web by Owen Henderson

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