Want to be a Pilates instructor? This Dallas studio will teach you.

Has the past year deepened your love of fitness? Have you discovered a surge of zen feelings during exercise that you would love to help others achieve? If you want to take the plunge and become a qualified Pilates instructor, Pilates Methodology is ready to help you do it.

The Dallas studio is home to the Real Pilates Teacher Training program, a one-of-a-kind class based in New York City.

Founded by author and physical therapist Alycea Ungaro, the program will develop your ability to be a teacher, coach, and guide for Pilates students. After all, Joseph Pilates created the form of strength and stretching exercises to be accessible to everyone.

And if you are BIPOC, Pilates Methodology wants to make it even more accessible. With the next training cycle starting June 11, the studio will be offering a partial scholarship to encourage BIPOC people to apply and learn how Pilates can change their lives.

“The Real Pilates teacher training program is comprehensive and thorough,” says RPTT alumnus Alison Casper. “I feel stronger in my cueing and communication skills, as well as in my knowledge of the history of Joseph Pilates and his method.”

The studio will cover all mandatory training costs, valued at over $4,000. All members of the BIPOC wellness community are welcome to apply – all you need to do is complete the application form here.

Expect four weekend seminars, plus weekly assignments and discussions on an online platform, studio access for hands-on instruction, shadowing opportunities, unlimited group, private and duo sessions, teaching assistant and paid teaching opportunities.

To learn more about Real Pilates and the upcoming cycle, visit the Pilates Methodology website.

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