Thread Artist Creates Life-Size Sculpture Of A Woman Walking Her Dog

Yarn artist Liisa Hietanen reinvents the everyday world through her life-size knitted and crocheted sculptures. In a series of ambitious textile projects, she created replicas of her fellow citizens in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. Hietanen uses metal armatures as a base, then covers them with a combination of crafting techniques; which results are numbers that have an eerie, realistic quality to them. From a distance you can barely tell they were made from a spun fiber.

If you need proof that Hietanen is adept at capturing likenesses, look no further than his sculpture of a woman walking her dog. In an incredible photo, the real lady and her art twin stand side by side. Hietanen recreated the woman’s hat, black-rimmed glasses, patterned sweater, and even her long-haired pooch in near-perfect detail.

Hietanen uses her artistic techniques – particularly the monotonous acts of knitting and crocheting – as a form of thought. “[The approaches are] continuous and present and allows a portrait to slowly find its character,” she wrote in an artist statement. Once completed, the figures symbolize a shared experience, even between acquaintances. “I meet the same familiar strangers on the street every day, and our common world is the size of a small village. I depict the present moment by depicting my own environment, but at the same time I bring out something that is common to all of us.

Wire artist Liisa Hietanen creates realistic portraits of people living in her village of Hämeenkyrö, Finland. The similarities are disturbing.

She is also working on more villagers.

Liisa Hietanen: Website | instagram
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