Things to do in quarantine: hobbies, crafts and projects to try now

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Our first (and hopefully last) quarantine anniversary is fast approaching. Even if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, we’re still not exactly of course when we finally get out of this mess, and while we’re all used to working from home these days, the activities that once entertained us in quarantine have definitely lost their luster. If you feel you have nothing left to do in quarantine, you are certainly not alone. I’m even tired of watching Netflix, which used to be my main way to wind down every night.

Now that the lines between work and home have softened (or, in some cases, disappeared altogether), you need to remember to take the time to do things on your own when you’re not working for your job. It can be hard to step away from your computer, put down your phone and stop reading the news, but it’s important for your mental health that you do. And it can also be fun!

To keep you from worrying about when you might get the shot and when things might finally get back to normal, keep your hands (and your mind) busy with other things. Remember how passionate we all were about baking banana bread? And how about spending a good part of the morning making Dalgona coffees? I found that youhe best way to keep my anxiety at bay is to dive headfirst into new projects, and after admiring some of my friends’ creative hobbies honed over the past year, I felt inspired to put together some options for myself-and for you too.

Whether you are more of a yarn lover or a budding chef, there are plenty of activities to choose from. There are even online class options if you’d rather not relive your traumatic college art class days. Add some excitement to your daily life and try something new, and you just might come out on the other side with some super cool hobbies to show off after quarantine. It’s a win-win!

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Courtesy of Fresh Baked Cookie Crate.

Discover your signature cookie recipe

And not just the only viral recipe you keep seeing on TikTok! Everyone loves cookies – I refuse to argue that fact. If you don’t like cookies, you can keep scrolling. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate sends you a new cookie recipe every month to bake in the comfort of your own kitchen. They send all the ingredients you need, proportioned correctly, so all you have to do is cook.

Baking can get daunting when you have to choose a recipe and track down all the ingredients, but Fresh Baked Cookie Crate makes all the not-so-fun and boring bits for you. Plus, the cookie recipes are totally out of the box. These aren’t just your classic chocolate chips! Try a few and find your favorite, then make it your signature dessert to take to friends and on vacation.

paint by numbers etsy kit Bored Out of Your Mind?  Try These Quarantine-Friendly Crafts and Projects

Learn to paint (by numbers)

If you’re not ready to paint happy little clouds with Bob Ross just yet, a paint-by-numbers kit is a great place to start embracing your artistic side. It’s like an art lesson on a canvas, so by following the numbers you’ll learn how shadows and light are added and you’ll feel more ready to freestyle on your next canvas.

Nowadays, you can even recreate very famous paintings through paint by number, like Hokusai’s. The Great Wave off Kanagawa. With this kit, you get all the necessary acrylic paints, a pre-printed canvas and three brushes of different sizes.

If you feel up to freestyle or just prefer to watch some Bob Ross, just grab some canvas
and a set of paintings
and let your inner artist flourish.

Watch some masterclasses in burst

If you’ve stared at a blank page (or canvas) for weeks, then Issa Rae, creator and star of the show Unsafe—is here to inspire you with its online course. Masterclass offers a tonne expert classes in all the different categories, and some notable names include Gordon Ramsey, Anna Wintour and Roxane Gay. You can browse through the courses to find the one that suits you best, but Rae’s is by far my top choice for creatives.

Style caster |  Things to do during quarantine

Courtesy of DiyerClub/Etsy.

learn to embroider

This old-school hobby got a second wind in the 2020s. Embroidery is something that Daphne and Penelope have Bridgerton would have done to pass the time, and now you can too, but with a modern twist.

There are tons of cute kits out there these days, like this plant-themed kit that comes with three designs, a plastic hoop, the necessary dental floss, and helpful printed designs to follow. That’s why it’s the perfect set for beginners. Don’t forget to save space on your walls, because you’ll want to display your creations when you’re done!

Style caster |  Activities in quarantine

Courtesy of tintofmintPATTERNS/Etsy.

make your own dress

Take DIY to a whole new level and learn how to make clothes during your remaining time in quarantine. Wouldn’t it be great to create your own nap dress and show it off after getting vaccinated? How totally cottagecore! In addition to this dress pattern, you will need fabric, a sewing kit
and a sewing machine
which is not as expensive as you think if you find the right one.

STYLECASTER |  Things to do in quarantine

Courtesy of Udemy.

Learn something new with Udemy

It’s a great time to take an online course – and whether you want to develop new professional skills with a course like Instagram Marketing 2021 or work on yourself with mindfulness courses, Udemy has a lot to offer. You won’t have to break the bank for these classes either. They usually cost about as much as an evening at your favorite restaurant.

Style caster |  What to do during quarantine

Courtesy of Simon and Schuster.

Julia and Julia Your way through a cookbook

If you haven’t seen the plot of the movie Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, Julie decides to work her way through every recipe in Julia Childs’ famous cookbook, Master the art of French cuisine.

Right now I’m doing the same with Salt, fat, acid, heat and I highly recommend it. Honestly I don’t love cooking, but this cookbook taught me to fall in love with it recipe by recipe. Plus, everything tastes delicious.

Style caster |  What to do during quarantine

Courtesy of Alesis.

Master an instrument

Alright, you probably won’t become Mozart in quarantine, but who knows? If you’ve got learning to play piano, guitar, or even saxophone on your to-do list, now’s a great time to start.

This compact keyboard and workbench set
is a great option for anyone who can’t swing a grand piano right now, if you know what I mean. You can even plug your headphones into the keyboard, which will make you, your roommate, and the rest of your building very happy.

Style caster |  Activities in quarantine

Courtesy of We Are Knitters.

Knit your own blanket

We Are Knitter makes some very cute kits for beginners, from DIY sweaters to beautiful fringed blankets. I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my quarantine huddled under a blanket. Why should I buy another generic throw when I can make one myself?

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