The Broome County Public Library offers arts and crafts classes for adults, helping to de-stress and relax

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The Broome County Public Library has more to offer than just books – it’s a place where community members can escape the stresses of the world through arts and crafts.

The library offers a variety of art-based activities that serve as a healthy emotional outlet for adults, such as knitting classes, a relaxation station, and a new craft class called “Art Without Purpose.”

Library information services manager Sherry Kowalski said crafting is a great activity to get involved in.

“It definitely helps with stress management, and you’re surrounded by like-minded people who like the same things, so that’s always a good thing,” Kowalski said.

Sandra Nguyen, who attends the adult walk-in crafts program, said the classes allowed her to bond with like-minded people. She said she appreciates the freedom of being able to express herself through art.

“I like expression. I like that freedom of just thinking about something and manifesting it on a physical, tangible thing,” Nguyen said.

Those interested in learning more about craft activities at the Broome County Public Library can follow this link or contact Information Services at 607-296-3016.

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