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Eau Claire’s downtown boutiques provide a gateway to Midwestern culture. Tangled Up in Hue continues to celebrate artistic culture, now in collaboration with local company Blue Boxer Arts.

According Volume 1 magazine, Blue Boxer Arts held a grand all-day reopening celebration on November 2 at Tangled Up in Hue, their new partner venue.

The event was free to Eau Claire audiences and showcased the variety of arts and crafts supplies Blue Boxer Arts provides with discount coupons to use.

Jamie Kyser, co-owner of Blue Boxer Arts, said the event was a great way to reintroduce the Eau Claire community to the company’s mission.

“(Blue Boxer arts and Tangled Up in Hue) have always been one company, we just operated under two separate spaces,” Kyser said. “Now, together under one roof, we provide a space for local artists to sell and exhibit their work.”

Breanna Thompson, a first-year business and Spanish student, said she first learned about the store at university-sponsored events earlier this year.

“I really enjoyed all the different options they had for buying different locally made arts,” Thompson said. “A lot of the art is based in the Midwest, which I haven’t typically seen in corporate.”

According to blue boxer arts website, the event offered locally produced yarn, beads, macrame and embroidery supplies at 20% off with additional gift baskets of Blue Boxer Arts merchandise.

Kyser said an important goal for the reopening was to provide classes for community members to connect with the crafts they saw in store.

“People would see us building a product and ask if we were providing courses,” Kyser said. “We didn’t have the space available before, so when we decided to open Blue Boxer Arts, that had to be a primary focus.”

Thompson said she enjoyed how the event showcased all the new crafting options offered by Blue Boxer Arts.

“It was cool to see how the yarn then became a tapestry or whatever the craft was,” Thompson said. “You could take inspiration from the art (Blue Boxer Arts) you already had, as well as the convenience of having made products there to buy.”

Kyser said the feedback received from the Blue Boxer Arts event encourages their company to continue to invite the community into the art-making process.

“We want to open up to the public and invite people to see our space,” Kyser said. “I invite all students if they want to learn something new in the creative field they are supervising (Blue Boxer Arts).”

Blue Boxer Arts will continue to promote new knitting workshops and classes at 7 p.m. Wednesday nights at their new location.

Blue Boxer Arts will continue to run intermediate to advanced yarn workshops through their Facebook and knitting club at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.

Thompson said she plans to return to the store and appreciates how the Eau Claire community supports local talent.

“I love the ability to buy unique pieces that you can relate to in a different way,” Thompson said. “You can connect with the artist and their reasons for making the item.”

For more information on Blue Boxer Art events, visit blueboxerarts.com

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