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The ITV soap opera Emmerdale first aired on October 16, 1972, and over its 49-year history has not only brought us dramatic storylines, but weird and wonderful spinoffs as well.

Many soaps and TV shows have released merchandise over the years, from Coronation Street puzzles to a BBC Sitcom Bread board game.

However, if you wanted a piece of clothing inspired by Emmerdale Farm, or if you wanted to dance with the voices of your favorite characters, the series released spin-offs that had everything an Emmerdale fan could want.

We take a look back at some of the soap-derived items – from line dance albums to Woolpack-inspired cookbooks.

Hillbilly rock, country song from Hillbilly roll

The Woolpackers released a line-dancing song and album in 1996

In the early ’90s, when a line dancing craze swept across the country, Emmerdale decided to join in the fun with her very first country song.

Hillbilly rock, Hillbilly roll was released in November 1996 and proved to be so popular that it reached number 5 on the UK music charts, staying there for over 15 weeks.

Sung by the characters Vic Windsor, Zak Dingle and Terry Woods as group The Woolpackers, the country number even recently featured on the album Now Music, the forgotten 90s hits.

Fans who love a bit of nostalgia even rejoiced that the song would return in 2019, when it was remade for a performance at Zak and Lisa Dingle’s wedding, with Bob Hope as lead singer.

The Woolpackers released the Emmer Dance album containing the song on December 14, 1996, and fans certainly loved it, as it reached No. 25 in the UK top 40 and remained on the charts for eleven weeks.

Line dance CD

A second line dance album followed in 1997
A second line dance album followed in 1997

The love for line dancing didn’t end there, as Emmerdale looked set to follow Hillbilly rock’s hit, Hillbilly roll.

Emmer Dance wasn’t enough and a year later the Woolpackers were back with their follow-up album Line Dance Party.

Even though it wasn’t as successful as their debut album, Line Dance Party still ranks at number 48 on November 29, 1997 and even produced one of the top 40 singles of the same name.

But the question that remains is, with Hillbilly Rock returning, Hillbilly roll in 2019, will it be long before I hear another Emmerdale album hit the music charts again?

Knitting patterns Emmerdale Farm

Fans could knit clothes modeled by their favorite Emmerdale characters
Fans could knit clothes modeled by their favorite Emmerdale characters

If you’ve ever wanted to have an Emmerdale-inspired garment, then the Emmerdale Farm Knitting Pattern Book was all you needed to help you create that perfect item.

Released in 1989, it featured over 23 different knitting patterns inspired by Emmerdale, including jacquard sweaters, hats and tops.

If that wasn’t all, the images of the knitted patterns were also modeled by some of your favorite Emmerdale characters from the ’80s.

Alan Turner’s Emmerdale Cookbook

Woolpack owner Alan Turner even had his own cookbook in the 90s.
Woolpack owner Alan Turner even had his own cookbook in the 90s.

Even Woolpack owner Alan Turner got his own Emmerdale merchandise with Alan Turner’s Emmerdale Cookbook.

Released in 1995, it featured over 190 recipes inspired by Emmerdale, promising the reader the opportunity to “taste the flavors of the countryside”.

It also offered readers a glimpse into the lives of their favorite Emmerdale characters.

That wasn’t all – in 1999 the New Emmerdale Cookbook was released, featuring recipes featured by Marlon Dingle, family favorites Zak Dingle, and cooking from the Sugden Kitchen.

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]]> 30 creative knitting patterns for artisans of all skill levels Sat, 18 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Photo: Nynne Schröder
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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s winter is coming and you’re going to need a scarf. And not only that, but also a comfortable cap, sweater and socks. While purchasing these items is always an option, it’s a lot more fun to create your own. The knitting community has exploded in popularity over the past two decades, and with social media, people are sharing their fiber designs as well as the patterns they used to make them. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in this profession to learn on their own.

Knitting patterns are the best way to hone your skills. Depending on what you create, they use techniques ranging from basis points at most complicated intarsia in the ultimate test: making socks. The conventional wisdom of knitting is that if you can produce a toe and a heel, you can conquer any design that comes your way.

Sifting through paid and free knitting patterns can take forever (so many choices!), So we’ve read it for you and picked out some of our favorites. They vary in skills and applications, but whether you’re a beginner or have spent hundreds of hours tossing and launching, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Whether you’re a beginner knitter or spend hundreds of hours crafting, you’re sure to find something you love with our selection of knitting patterns below.


Ball-sleeved cardigan

Knitting patterns

Bummbul | $ 7.39

Chunky vest

Sweater Vest Pattern

MargueriteEtPaix | $ 4.99

Knitted beanie

Knitting patterns

Miskunn | $ 4.75

3-in-1 button ankle boots

Knitted slippers patterns

Bekah Knitwear | $ 6.99

SUIR fingerless gloves

Knitted gloves patterns

Whistle And Wool | $ 3.50

Fox scarf

Knitting patterns

Nina Führer | $ 7.28

Knit Turban Headband ⨯ Les Roseaux

Knitting patterns

DeBrosse | $ 5

V-back knit sweater pattern

Knitting patterns

Do it yourself and get the glory | $ 5.50

Beginner wrap model

Knitting patterns

Easy design | $ 2.78

Crop top

Knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Hooded beanie with wolf or fox ears

Knitting patterns

Reasons | $ 3.50

Passerine hat

Knitting patterns

Erica Heusser Designs | $ 6

Urban Snood

Free knitting patterns

We are knitters | To free



PDFTricotCrochet | $ 2.17

Summer sweater

Knitting patterns

Wonders of Knitting | $ 6

Elegant bralette

Bralette knitting pattern

SaraKnitsCo | $ 5.76

Inspired by Converse Slippers

Knitting patterns

Reverse | $ 6.17

Twirling top

Free knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Not for jogging

Knitting patterns

Knitwear by Tay | $ 6.15

Reynard socks

Knitting pattern

Kirsten Kapur | $ 6

Forest Berry Jacket

Knitting jacket pattern

FabelVintage | $ 7.50

Zweig sweater

Knitting pattern

Zweig | $ 8.40

Home goods and accessories

Teddy bear

Teddy bear knitting pattern

Knitted | $ 2.89

Mermaid blanket

Knitting patterns

wool affair | $ 4.14

tiny little bunny

Rabbit knitting pattern

DotpebblesKnits | $ 2.89

Oodles Basket

Knitting patterns

Knitting and crochet forever | $ 3.99

Black and White Tote ⨯ Le Cabas Maniche

Knitting patterns

DeBrosse | $ 5

Kiko the knitted monster

Free knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Wendy the Whaap Bird

Knitting patterns

Knit for victory | $ 4.27


Knitting patterns

Miskunn | $ 4.95

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15+ adorable and comfy fall knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels Mon, 06 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Photo: Stock Photos from GOFFKEIN.PRO/Shutterstock
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Cozy knits and steaming teacups are the perfect fall accessories. Whether you are an experienced craftsman or just starting out, knitting your own cold weather clothes is both possible and fun. Knowing where to start is crucial; but once you have mastered a few basic stitches, you can produce your own scarves, blankets, holiday decorations, etc.

A festive fall of craftsmanship awaits you! Scroll down for our list of knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels.

Fall Knit Crochet Ideas

Photo: ARTHUR LINNIK Photo Bank / Shutterstock

Learn the basics

If you are new to knitting and crochet, there are many educational resources on the Internet.

Crochet projects are done with a single crochet and can be faster than knitting. Knitting, on the other hand, uses two needles. While not difficult to learn, knitting is generally the more complicated of the two crafts. You will want to learn the basic knitting stitch as well as the cast-on. This helpful video explains the basics of knitting even for absolute beginners. Purl stitch, which is another basic knitting technique, can also be learned through video tutorials.

Knitting needles and hooks come in different sizes. This has an impact on the stitch size and the tightness (or loss) of the weave of your work. Bigger needles create a looser knit. Be sure to follow the template requirements.

Although they use different tools, the same yarn considerations should be taken into account for knitting and crochet. The wire is available in strands of different widths. The thickness of the thread may seem like a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on the number of stitches and the size of your final product. When reading a knitting or crochet pattern, be sure to note the gauge of the yarn needed.

Knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels

A festive knitted pumpkin

Knit pumpkin project

Photo: ANASTASIIA HOLUBIEVA Photo Bank / Shutterstock

Decorate your fireplace with adorable knitted pumpkins. Choose orange yarn or the color of your favorite fall squash. A free pattern is available on Ravelry.

Comfortable slippers that you made yourself

Crochet Slippers

Mamachee | $ 5.50

Slippers are a must-have for cold fall days, so make sure you’re ready with this DIY pair. Designed by Mamachee, the mid-level model requires an H-hook and chunky wire to bring out the cable design on top of the foot.

Crochet socks

Crochet socks pattern

Embroidery & Cie | $ 6

If slippers aren’t your thing, try crochet this pair of socks. The beginner-friendly pattern from The Stitchery & Co. uses basic stitches with the ability to change color so you can customize your look.

A pretty knit scarf

Knit scarf

Photo: XUANHUONGHO Stock Photos / Shutterstock

A scarf is a classic beginner’s knitting project for good reason. Easy, portable and cute, there are many designs of scarves for all skill levels. Beginners can try out this free chunky knit pattern from Berroco. Another free color-block pattern from O Wool is perfect for minimalists.

A quick knit headband

Crochet Knit Headband

Photo: MARXSTUDIO Stock Photos / Shutterstock

No matter what your level of experience, a knit headband is a quick project. Try out this ribbed design from Ravelry to start. Or if you’re feeling up to trying cable knitting, this free pattern is the perfect introduction.

Knitted stand-up collar with a short cut

High neck knit sweater pattern

Beloved Knitwear | $ 7.44

Shirts with a stand-up collar and a cropped cut are the order of the day. Stay on top of the latest trends when knitting this sweater. As a model suitable for beginners, he uses stockinette stitch and rib stitch with possible knitting in the round. Once you’re done, you’ll have something to go with you through fall and winter and even into next spring.

A cozy shawl

Carolina Outlander Shawl Pattern

HandyLittleMe | $ 5.79

For walks in the autumn woods, knit an elegant shawl. This Outlander-inspired pattern is affordable and accessible. To crochet a shawl, take a look at this ‘cool casual’ scarf.

The cutest hat for kids

Fox Cowl Pattern for Kids

Levelvetacorn | $ 5.50

As the holiday season approaches, knit adorable hats for the children in your life. This Failynn Fox Cowl might be the cutest pattern on the internet. Beginner crochet enthusiasts can try these easy and colorful pom pom hats from Yarnspirations.

An ingenious “Cozy” shoulder

Comfortable Icelandic knitwear on the shoulders

byEline | $ 3.99

Sometimes a little extra heat does a lot of good. This clever, cozy pattern on the shoulders is inspired by Icelandic winter knits. Another twisted pattern gives a more Irish feel.

A chunky knit blanket

Chunky knit blanket

Photo: ALBINA GLISIC Photo Bank / Shutterstock

These chunky knit blankets are not only trendy, but quick to sew thanks to the size of the thread and the needles. Try knitting the blanket using your arms instead of needles for a project that you really can’t let go. Want more instructions? Laura Birek offers an affordable pattern.

A Useful Cozy Café

Knitting Coffee Mug Cozy

Photo: PAVELKANT Stock Photos / Shutterstock

Accessorize your hot drinks with these adorable comforters. Nestle that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte into this cozy, perfectly sized pumpkin. For Oktoberfest fans, crochet these adorable colorful comforters with this easy pattern. (Remember, knit comforters won’t completely protect your fingers from the heat.)

Stylish layered cardigan

Crochet cardigan pattern

Make and crew | $ 4.30

If the thought of crocheting a sweater intimidates you, this Mezzo cardigan pattern has a different take on it. “You’ll start by crocheting two relaxing hexagons,” the designer writes, “which will magically transform into sleeves, back and front of a sweater.” Curious about how it works? You will only have to crochet it to find out!

Festive Christmas Tree Ornaments

Knitted tree pattern

Resilient Knitting Machine | $ 5

If the grocery store starts playing Christmas carols, it’s time to think about pruning your tree. Get a head start by making these beautiful tree ornaments for your friends and family. A pretty dazzled tree design can also add extra pizzazz to your decorations.

Comfortable boat neck sweaters

Simple sweater pattern

MMadisonMarie | $ 5

Knitting a sweater is a noble goal and can seem intimidating. However, after mastering a few basics, this Madison Marie pattern offers an easy path to your first sweater; the chunky boat neck design is perfect for layering throughout fall. For crochet, this simple pattern for a textured turtleneck is comfy enough to wear in all day.

Darling Deer Scarf

Deer scarf knitting pattern

Nina Führer | $ 7.32

Originally created for children but adjusted for adults, this design by Nina Führer may seem impossible. But with the help of its eight page template, you will be able to create this charming deer scarf. Before you tackle this project, you should have some knitting experience.

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7 free baby knitting patterns perfect for beginners Tue, 13 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

kertlisGetty Images

Are you looking for a baby knitting pattern? If you are looking for a pattern for a baby blanket, sweater or cardigan that is adorable and easy to follow, we have the answer.

These knitting patterns are designed by renowned knitters and have been tried and tested by our brilliant team of craftsmen, so you know they will turn out perfect no matter what your ability. Plus, they’re free, so you can create a keepsake your little one will cherish without spending a lot of money.

If you’ve never knitted before, it’s worth reviewing our knitting guide, then ordering a knitting kit to familiarize yourself with reading a pattern and threading and removing first.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced knitters, grab your needles and yarn and get started on one of these wonderful baby knitting patterns this weekend!

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Baby knitting patterns: Baby striped cardigan

Do you want to know how to knit a baby cardigan? This striped cardigan is a great project for beginners and will look super cute on the newcomer in your life! Don’t you just love the bright stripes and the mix of pink, red and green? Adorable, eh! Find the free pattern here.

Baby knitting patterns: Royal inspired baby sweater

Our free baby sweater pattern is the perfect solution for any new arrival. There is the option to do the entire alphabet, so you can customize your sweater to fit any little one – regardless of the name.

Baby knitting patterns: Knitted teddy bear

This super cute knitted teddy bear in a jacket makes a great gift, and it’s easy to make with our free smart teddy bear pattern. Give it to a little one and there is no doubt that they will keep it forever. Do you remember your first soft toy?

Baby Knitting Patterns: Royal Inspired Baby Blanket

Keep your little prince or princess warm with this cute crown pattern baby blanket. It’s universally known how useful baby blankets are – whether it’s wrapping them up during a nap, laying them on their knees in the stroller, or laying them down on a picnic.

Follow our free blanket knitting pattern for your step-by-step instructions.

Baby knitting patterns: Chic children’s sweater

Baby knitting patterns: Knitted baby hat

Baby knitting patterns: Children’s cable sweater

A cable sweater is a classic for all ages and makes a perfect warm layer for kids. This children’s cable knit pattern is designed to fit ages birth to four years old and is beautifully comfortable and stylish. Children will wear it from September to March and can use it for Sunday lunch, Christmas Day, or any other special event like weddings, baptisms or parties.

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Japanese Artist Makes Adorable Crochet Bonsai Trees Thu, 06 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000

To the untrained eye, knitting can look a bit like witchcraft. Master seamstresses seem to magically create all kinds of textile objects with quick and agile hand movements. A Japanese artisan who works under the name Atelier Euph creates particularly impressive knitted and crocheted sculptural objects. She recently paid homage to bonsai by crocheting an amigurumi version of the beloved miniature tree.

Real bonsai require a lot of care, but this textile version is a pretty replica that doesn’t need sun or water. The artist has recreated the prized dwarf tree in wool, with winding branches and tiny, plump foliage. The adorable design even features a round crochet pot on the bottom, just like its real life counterpart. The talented textile artist has created two versions of her crochet bonsai; one in green hues and one in warm autumnal hues.

Check out Atelier Euph’s crochet bonsai trees below, along with other of his amigurumi designs.

Atelier Euph created this adorable crochet bonsai tree.

Bonsai knitted by Euph workshopBonsai knitted by Euph workshopBonsai knitted by Euph workshopBonsai knitted by Euph workshopBonsai knitted by Euph workshop

When she’s not making tiny textile trees, she knits and crochets all kinds of cute amigurumi items.

Plant knitted by Euph workshopKnitted toy by Euph workshopKnitted toy by Euph workshopKnitted toy by Euph workshopKnitted toy by Euph workshopAtelier Euph: Website | Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [grape]

All images via Atelier Euph.

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Over 25 knitting patterns you can start working on right away

Knitting in Times of Crisis – the Glasgow woman looking for vintage patterns Tue, 16 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000 It’s always the first thing people say when Becky Male talks about swimsuit knitting patterns.

“They can’t believe people wore woolens to swim in the 1940s and 1950s,” she smiles.

“But really, it was the most efficient material available to use – Lycra wasn’t invented until the 1970s, after all. All of our modern sportswear is based on state-of-the-art materials – and that was the technology that existed before that.

Becky’s knitted swimsuit is one of five vintage styles she will discuss in a special Glasgow Women’s Library online talk tomorrow night.

Life On and Off the Needle in the 20th Century, which runs from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., is part of GWL’s Open Archive sessions that showcase items from its collections.

Becky has spent the past two years studying the stories behind the patterns and the role knitting has played in the lives of women over the past century.

“I started knitting when I was 13 – my mom and grandmothers had always knitted,” she explains. “There was a pattern store near my high school, so I would always go there and buy patterns very cheaply – I think they cost around 25p.

“As people realized that I liked to knit, they gave me patterns and I built my own collection. So I jumped at the chance to look at a more formal collection for the Glasgow Women’s Library, sorting through the boxes of models given to us over the years.

Glasgow Timetables:

Among the designs Becky discovered were a 1940s school sweater and a 1950s Shetland shawl.

“It’s lovely, because it was designed by Agnes Hunter, a woman in the 80’s who lived in Unst, then bought and made into a commercial model by James Norbury, chief model designer for the Alloa Patons and Baldwins company.” , Becky explains.

“We also have a My Little Pony sweater pattern, which was handwritten on the back of the scrap paper. It’s fascinating to see the details, even the board was written, and it fuels this idea for many knitters, that if it doesn’t exist, just work it and make it yourself.

Glasgow Timetables:

Becky’s favorite item in the collection is the Duchess of Buccleugh’s Comfort Fund, a booklet published in 1940 and filled with knitting patterns for gloves, sweaters, caps, socks and more.

Becky explains, “This was produced for knitters in Dumfriesshire keen to knit items for the military during WWII. It’s fantastic – it has so much information, including the names of the organizers and advertisements for local businesses.

“At this point in the war, there hadn’t been a land battle, so these women were knitting in anticipation of what they thought might come, based on their experiences from WWI. ”

Becky adds, “There are of course some obvious parallels to the current situation, and how many people have transformed their knitting and sewing skills to make masks, or scrubs, for frontline workers during the pandemic.

“It’s a trend. In times of crisis, women take on unpaid, often unrecognized, work across the country to provide support – power in a situation of helplessness.

The event is free but full. Visit the GWL website for details on how to get on the waitlist and for more information.

Best Books on Knitting Patterns – Mon, 02 Nov 2020 08:00:00 +0000

Do you like to knit? Are you always looking for new projects and interesting options? A good source is the Knitting Pattern Books, which contain a wealth of challenging projects featuring a full range of stitches and skill levels. Most include an introduction to basic knitting skills and materials, with clear and concise instructions teaching a variety of construction stitches and steps. Some also include tips for designing your own knitted pieces. These books are great references even when you are working on other projects like beautiful handmade gifts. Knit chic clothes and fun toys by following these wonderful knitting patterns.

1. Seamless knit sweaters in 2 weeks: 20 designs for crisp cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts and more

Knit the perfect sweater quickly with one of these many stunning sweater designs. Each sweater is a snap to make. Sweater patterns include material charts, stitch abbreviations, step-by-step instructions for determining the perfect size for your sweater, clear written instructions, beautiful photographs of key steps and illustrations. Also included are basic instructions for beginners, tips for selecting the perfect yarn, and guidelines for determining the size of the sweater by taking precise measurements. Perfect for those who are intimidated by knitting clothes, these sweaters not only fit, but they’re comfy and look great.

To buy:
Seamless sweaters in 2 weeks: 20 models…

$ 21.99

2. Knitted animal friends

Create 12 adorable stuffed animals, from cats and horses to hedgehogs, using easy-to-follow instructions and templates. Animals have the same basic pattern for their body, arms, and legs, with slight variations in color and detail for each animal. Heads and tails vary, and building directions are a snap for the different end animals. Clothing and accessories are interchangeable for endless wardrobe possibilities. Photos of each step are included with clear and concise written instructions. Animals are easy for intermediate knitters; beginners will learn skills for making human-sized clothes by knitting tiny clothes for these creatures. The finished dolls are 16 inches tall, perfect for carrying, cuddling, and endless hours of play.

To buy:
Knitted animal friends

$ 20.49

3.400 knitting stitches: a complete dictionary of essential stitch patterns

This excellent book has a full line of patterns for beginner to intermediate to advanced knitters. The designs are organized into eight types of stitches, including purl, cables, lace, doubles, cables and flaps. In each section, the points and skills build on each other. Each point is clearly drawn with written instructions and color photos. Select one point per session, then go to the next; students will quickly master strong knitting skills from this book. Educators can work one-on-one with students to determine their skill level and interests, identifying the point and project that is right for them. Find the perfect knitting pattern for each of your students in the pages of this encyclopedic book.

To buy:
400 knitting stitches: a complete dictionary of …

$ 16.59

4. Knit shawls and scarves in 1 week: 30 quick patterns to keep you warm in style

Want to make a beautiful handmade gift in a jiffy? Maybe you just want a project that won’t take long to complete. This book features beautiful hoods, shawls, capes and wraps for every season that only require minimal time. Beautiful photographs, thread recommendations, material and stitch tables, and illustrations accompany the detailed written models. The patterns are easy to remember for faster knitting, but there is enough variation that you won’t get bored. A pleasure to knit, these patterns offer captivating projects for a range of skill levels: from advanced beginners to seasoned pros. Take your time knitting the pieces or, as an added bonus, complete one of these gorgeous garments in a week.

To buy:
Knit shawls and scarves in 1 week: 30 quick patterns …

$ 15.99

5. Japanese knitting stitch bible: 260 exquisite patterns by Hitomi Shida

This book is every avid knitter’s dream: hundreds of imaginative patterns from famous Japanese designer Hitomi Shida. Each model has detailed graphics with symbols representing each point. Reference photos and key illustrations for intricate and unusual stitch combinations ensure you’re on the right track every step of the way. Ideal for knitters who like to work from charts, the patterns in this book don’t include row-by-row written instructions. The introductory sections cover the basics, including how to identify symbols and select wires. The patterns include a range of intricate stitches: twists, borders, twists, popcorn and cross stitches. Experienced knitters looking to learn new and unusual stitches will find their next knitting adventure in this book.

To buy:
Japanese knitting stitch bible: 260 exquisite …

$ 16.34

19 Best Knitting Supplies – Top Knitting Tools and Materials of 2021 Wed, 20 May 2020 07:00:00 +0000


A homemade knitted scarf or hat makes a perfect thoughtful gift for birthdays and holidays, as well as being a fun and creative activity you can do in your spare time. To start your knitting journey, you really only need three things: Knitting needles, thread and scissors – corn there are many other handy tools that can make knitting even easier and produce expert-level results.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has rated sewing machines and other craft supplies for your ultimate DIY docking station. With our expertise, we’ve found the best knitting supplies for beginners and advanced knitters, helping you master a new technique or perfect every type of knitting project. Shop for the best knitting supplies of 2020:

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Knitting needles

10 Inch Aluminum Single Stitch Knitting Needles

To get started, you’ll need knitting needles and this pair of Boye’s are a great beginner’s size to get started. Size eight is a perfect width for beginners as they are easy to maneuver while being lightweight. Reviewers say the aluminum material allows for smooth knitting as you go without losing stitches.


Cozy yarn

Impeccable thread

Buckles and threads

$ 1.47

This affordable acrylic yarn is available in 60 colors and has over 600 rave reviews online. The brand recommends using a size eight knitting needle like the Boye aluminum knitting needles above with this yarn. It includes 260 yards of yarn that can also be used for crochet projects.


Fabric shears

8 Inch Knife Blade Dressmaker Scissors

While general-purpose scissors will likely work just for cutting wire, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of snips. These dressmaking scissors can cut thread, fabric and trim with ease. With over 3,000 rave reviews on Amazon, these scissors are popular for cutting fabric smooth “like butter” and are also useful around the house.


Knitting kit for beginners

Chunky Chunky Merino Wool Cowl Kit


$ 57.95

If you are worried about choosing the right knitting needles and yarn, you should try a knitting kit, which includes everything you will need to complete a certain project. This knitting kit from LivingDreamsYarn on Etsy has all the tools to make a beautiful, thick knit scarf. It is available in 13 shades with instructions and patterns included, which makes it easy to obtain an expert-level result.


Advanced knitting kit

New Rules Sweater Knitting Kit

Wool and tape

$ 134.00

For expert knitters looking for their next challenge, this knitting kit from Wool and the Gang includes everything you will need to make this plaid sweater, including straight and circular knitting needles, alpaca yarn and merino wool and detailed instructions. Available in sizes 0-22 with 25 shades of mix and match yarn, you can finally create the sweater of your dreams.


Knitting patterns

34 trendy pieces you can do in a day

Loopy Mango knit

GH Design Director and Expert Craftsman Mariana Tuma loves this book because it features designs and knitting projects that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Reviewers especially love the looser, thicker knit sweaters featured. If you want to learn how to make knitted clothes and accessories, this book is for you.


Giant knitting needles

Giant wooden knitting needles

Buckles and threads

$ 11.99

For projects that require a larger gauge, use thicker needles such as these jumbo wood knitting needles. In general, the rule is that the thicker the needle, the coarser the stitches will be. Some knitters also prefer to use thicker needles with thicker yarn to produce a looser result. Reviewers also recommend these knitting needles as an alternative to arm knitting.


Circular knitting needles

Set of circular knitting needles

cute diy

$ 13.99

Circular knitting needles help you avoid having seams in your final project, perfect for making hats, socks and sweaters too. This set from cuteDIY includes 11 knitting needles in a variety of widths, so you have everything you need for any type of circular knitting project. The needle itself is made of bamboo with a hollow tube connecting them. The tube is only slightly thinner than the needle itself to maintain the stitch gauge as you knit.


Point markers

104 pieces of lock stitch markers

When knitting a complicated pattern, it’s easy to forget where you are and make a mistake, which can be difficult to correct. These stitch markers help you mark where you are in the design to avoid missing stitches. Available in eight colors, you can use a different color to mark the start and end of stitches.


Tapestry needles

Blunt needles with large eyes

To finish your projects professionally, these large, blunt needles help you sew the edges and seams of your knitting projects together. This choice includes nine needles in a variety of sizes, each with a large, easy-to-slip opening. Reviewers love to use them for crochet and other sewing projects!


Stitch supports

Stitch support set

Buckles and threads

$ 3.99

When you take a break from a certain project, these stitch holders will keep everything in place while you use your knitting needles for something else. He enters a set of three in different sizes to avoid losing stitches in smaller and larger knitting projects look alike.


Mesureing tape

Soft tape measure

Many knitting projects require a tape measure to keep your stitches consistent as you go. Not just for knitting, a soft tape measure is great for sewing and for determining your body measurements as well. With over 1000 rave reviews on Amazon, critics love it this tape measure has both inches and centimeters with large, easy-to-read numbers.


Thread guide

2 size wire guide


$ 9.99

A thread guide runs directly over your finger and holds the thread in place while maintaining a comfortable level of tension. This choice of VintageBee comes with six thread guides in two so differentfits a variety of finger sizes. Critics love the fact that it relieves your fingers, preventing “wire burn”.


Needle caps

20 Piece Knitting Needle Stitch Protectors


$ 5.89

If you want a quick break from knitting, you should put on these point protectors to make sure you don’t lose any stitches. This set comes with 20 pieces in two different sizes and is made from flexible material, adapts perfectly to the tip of almost all sizes of knitting needles. Note that the color assortment is random in each package, so you will likely receive colors that are different from those pictured.


Point gauge

Count 10 Plus gauge detector

This adjustable gauge finder makes it easy to measure your stitches to make sure you are following the pattern correctly. It can also help you determine the size of your knitting needles and which knitting needle is best for each project.


Blocking mat

Blocking mat for knitting

Well done to the sheep

$ 24.11

To make sure that your knitting projects keep their proper shape, you may need to block them out. This blocking board set includes nine EVA foam interlocking boards with a one inch grid for easy measurement in case of dry or wet blockage.


Knitting machine

Knit Spool Loom Set

If you want to avoid knitting needles altogether, a spool knitter allows you making belts and scarves without needle. It’s also a great way to quickly and easily make straps and ties to attach to larger knitting projects. There are also larger knitwear sets for making seamless sweaters and hats.


Knitting counter

Knit scoring set

Buckles and threads

$ 2.99

Perfect fit on your knitting needles, it has never been easier to count rows while knitting – just turn the counter for each row. It includes two sizes which should fit most knitting needles. There are also some great knitting counter apps for your phone.


Knitting patterns

Visual Encyclopedia of Knitting Stitches

Susan turner

$ 16.00

When learning new models, it helps to have a reference guide. This book presents more 350 knitting patterns with easy to follow instructions and tons of full color images. Reviewers love that this book includes both beginner and expert stitch patterns. Plus, it’s available through your Kindle or in pocket size.

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How the ban on pro-Trump bosses unraveled the online knitting world Fri, 06 Mar 2020 08:00:00 +0000

And it’s not just about knitting patterns anymore: sites like Ravelry provide a “safe space” to discuss politics. Deplorable Knitter and Medora Van Denburgh, who runs a 239-member Bernie Sanders group on Ravelry, both said they live in areas that generally lean in the political direction opposite to theirs, and Ravelry makes them feel less alone.

This is something we’ll see more of, Literat predicts. Other niche groups she studied, such as Fortnite gamers and fan fiction sites, created active subgroups around political conversation in the same way. Typically, people feel secure around the main interest at first (in the case of Ravelry, knitting or crochet), but become more and more involved in political discussions over time.

Online communities that are hyperspecific to certain hobbies also help spawn dialogue across political divisions, a key point in a polarized political environment where people spend much of their time in ideological bubbles, Literat says. .

“You get a much wider range of opinions in these spaces,” she says. “You see people who are already politically engaged, but also people who don’t come to these places, at least initially, because of politics.”

Censorship against freedom of expression

Or they weren’t. Ravelry’s equation between Trump support and white supremacy is a controversial move, even for supporters of the ban. (Ravelry declined to comment for this story, and co-founder Cassidy Forbes told me in an email that the company “[doesn’t] really a press that isn’t in the yarn industry – it’s not a new policy or anything, just something we’ve been doing over the past 13 years. “)

Pam Mauser, the founder of Freedom Knits, says she founded the site because she was insulted by Ravelry’s position. “I knitted a 2020 Trump hat, and they took it off without notice,” says Mauser, from Indiana. “They just sent me a message saying it’s no longer acceptable. But what’s acceptable on the site is stuff that says “F — Trump”. It’s political.

Mauser says his site welcomes both liberals and conservatives. “If you want to post about Obama, that’s fine,” she said. “It’s not political. It’s Freedom Knits. I don’t believe in censoring people who don’t believe like you.

Across the aisle, Van Denburgh said banning support for Trump was also not something for him. “I was really blocked by the conflict between my principles [of free speech] and my reluctant admission that Ravelry did the right thing in enacting the ban, ”she said.

The controversy shines a light on the future of political organization: ultra-niche, small but vocal online communities built around an otherwise non-political hobby or interest. For Literat, the Ravelry ban presents a litmus test for the future of niche site censorship and whether it is better to forge a single, politically homogeneous community or to separate fringe users.

It also gives women a new way to politicize themselves online. For Amy Singer, the founder of another knitting site, Knitty, this is good news.

“The one thing that craftsmanship has always done is to bring comfort,” she says. “It gives us a way to express what upsets us, to hope for change and to bring comfort. Knitting is not for grannies. We are no longer afraid.

The science of knitting could be the future of sophisticated materials • Wed, 06 Mar 2019 08:00:00 +0000

Knitting dates back thousands of years, but new research suggests that it may be more than an ancient way of making materials. According to Elisabetta Matsumoto from Georgia Institute of Technology, the underlying mathematical rules of knitting could inform the development of revolutionary materials.

Matsumoto believes that understanding how stitch types regulate shape and elasticity will be invaluable in the design of new “tunable” materials. For example, a flexible material could be created to replace biological tissue, such as torn ligaments. The shape and elasticity can be customized for different people.

“By choosing a point, you choose not only the geometry, but also the elastic properties, which means you can incorporate the right mechanical properties for everything from aerospace engineering to tissue scaffolding materials,” Matsumoto said.

After knitting as a child, Matsumoto developed a new appreciation for the hobby later in life when she became interested in math and physics.

“I realized that there is just a tremendous amount of math and materials science that goes into textiles, but it’s taken for granted enormously. ”

“Each type of point has a different elasticity, and if we find out everything that is possible, we could create things that are rigid in a certain place using a certain type of point and use a different type of point in another place. to get different functionality. . “

Image Credit: Elisabetta Matsumoto

Applying the mathematics of knot theory to a large catalog of knitting patterns is a challenge for Matsumoto graduate student Shashank Markande.

“Stitches have very strange constraints; eg i have to be able to do it with two needles and a piece of thread – how do you translate that in math? “

The team constructs the knitted algebra in larger and more complex patterns and incorporates them into the elastic modeling of simple lattice knits. Researchers hope to find out soon how knitwear behaves in 3D.

Matsumoto will present the research at American Physical Society March meeting this week in Boston.

Through Chrissy sexton, Editor-in-chief