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Update on my plants and roller coaster fiasco a few weeks ago. (This is where my watered plant, which I thought was drained, ended up draining all the way through my little bookshelf in my craft room.) The little drip plate under the planter didn’t did the job so I got an old ice cream bucket as a drainer. Problem solved. The recovered coaster (the one that was stuck, pinned between the wall and the washing machine) is now washed, dried and put back into service.

Does anyone know where I can find my scissors? They’re never where I thought I left them. Most of the time, I end up piling my pattern instructions, pieces of fabric and / or newspaper articles on the scissors. Then it’s tapping on that pile or pile of stuff. I found them where I left them, under the fourth pile of stuff. Now if only I can find my cup of coffee.

Lots of stuff is the bane of my existence, especially at this time of year. I’m in finishing mode for a few donation and charity projects. I finished a knit baby set for a friend, which consists of a hat, sweater and a little afghan. The ends of the thread are woven and the set has been washed and dried, ready to ship. A Christmas stocking is on the needles and going well. I finished a pocket shawl for a gift except that I have to buy more yarn to make the pockets that go to the ends of the shawl. I hope I can escape the store by buying only one skein of yarn. There is still a charity project vest to finish along the shoulders and the last Afghan grandchild ready to be assembled. I will be spending a lot of time weaving scraps of yarn to complete these projects. No actual deadline except for the Christmas stocking, but I want to finish these projects so I have room in my craft room to work on new projects.

I often like to read the Family Circus comic, but last Saturday’s cartoon, which featured the grandmother working on a craft, made me heave a big sigh along with a palm of my hand. The granddaughter, Dolly, said she didn’t know you could use chopsticks to sew. In all of my years of sewing, I can honestly say that I have never used chopsticks to sew items together. I use a sewing machine or sew the item by hand using a sewing needle. If you watch the cartoon, the grandmother is working on a knitting project, ergo using “two sticks” to knit. You can, however, use chopsticks to make a knitting project, but sewing is not one of those crafts for chopsticks or knitting needles. I’m sure Family Circus will get a lot of feedback from knitting and sewing craftsmen about this cartoon.

12 free knitting patterns for Christmas gift ideas Tue, 09 Nov 2021 10:13:00 +0000

Dragonfly_flyGetty Images

We are pretty excited in the Prima office today because we just realized that there are only a few weeks left until Christmas!

To celebrate this, and the fact that it’s also the start of London Craft Week, LoveCrafts has brought you 12 free templates for some great gift ideas to give to your family and friends this Christmas.

London Craft Week celebrates the ‘magical combination of imagination, individuality, passion and skill found in the best things made’, so what better time to channel that creativity into gift-making Christmas for a loved one?

Edward Griffith, CEO and Founder of LoveCrafts, says, “We truly believe that craftsmanship makes the world a better place. Science has proven the positive impact of craftsmanship on our physical and mental well-being, and there are hidden benefits too!

“Being part of a global community and making new friends through a shared passion. Selfless opportunities, using your craft for good by knitting or crocheting for charity. And of course there is the joy of keeping things alive. centuries-old traditions, to pass on skills down through the generations. “

Here are the top three ideas to get you started, and we’ll update you every week with a new idea – so be sure to come back next Monday!

Week 1: Comfortable socks

craft ideas


A pair of cashmere slippers is a nice gift for someone you love. Knitted flat, as an easy-to-lay garter, these slippers can be assembled in the blink of an eye. Garter stitch keeps all that gorgeous warmth inside, with a deep ribbed cuff to fold up at the ankle. When they’re so quick to knit, you’ll want to make several pairs to give away this winter.

Second week: embroidery designs

craft ideas


There is nothing sweeter than a hand-sewn gift and this bumper pattern pack, designed by Thread Honey for Paintbox Crafts, will have you personalizing cute gifts in no time. Sew them onto a t-shirt or a set of linen napkins. Or if you want to go the extra mile, why not sew a simple tote bag or pencil case for the ultimate handmade gift.

Third week: Afghan crochet blanket

craft ideas


The Snugly Fall Afghan Paintbox is a perfect cozy blanket in fall colors. It’s crocheted in squares that are stitched together using single crochet stitches and makes the perfect blanket for snuggling up on the sofa or taking with you on adventures around a campfire under the stars. Whoever the lucky recipient is, one thing is for sure, it’s a blanket that will be cherished year after year.

Fourth week: Patchwork Cushion

patchword cushion


We love this colorful patchwork cushion. Use your fabric scraps or choose a fabulously festive material to sew this gorgeous piece in no time! If you are a newbie to quilting crafts, this is the perfect first project to put your skills to the test..

Week Five: Crochet Hat

free DIY patterns

Love Crafts

If you’re a newbie crocheter or looking for quick, satisfying projects to tick everyone off your gift list, then this hat is for you! There’s a helpful step-by-step video from Jess Coppom of Make & Do Crew that will teach you how to make this gorgeous knit beanie topped with a cute pom pom! We would go for soft, warm colors like rust, mustard, and faded blues.

Sixth week: Knitted headband

Arts and crafts

Love Crafts

Comfortable cables are a winter wardrobe staple, and these headbands are perfect for filling in stockings! Read the handy cable knitting guide before you start. Grab a hot chocolate, your knitting needles, and snuggle up in it. There is also a helpful video for more instruction before downloading the free cable knitting pattern.

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Animal Crossing Player Make Mom’s Hand Knitted Sweater In Real Life Mon, 20 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A skilled Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recently put their knitting needles to work, creating an actual version of mom’s hand-knitted sweater.

A cunning Animal crossing: new horizons The player recently decided to put his knitting skills to the test by creating an actual version of the game’s mom’s hand-knitted sweater. The knit sweater is a garment with eight patterns available, and is sent to the player by his mother in the game during Animal crossing‘s Winter.

Although she had never seen in Animal crossing: New Horizons, Mom is the player’s beloved parent who often sends letters reminiscing about their lives before the game begins or offering words of wisdom. In addition to the letters, Mom will also send the player random fruit or acorn gifts, as well as a homemade gift each month. Unfortunately, while Mom is able to send letters and gifts, the player cannot resend mail to her to show her appreciation. However, a player returned the gesture in another way by building a crafting room for Animal Crossing Mom, dedicating part of their house to the matron character.


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Reddit user novaspacecat showed off their skillful recreation of Mom’s hand-knitted sweater from Animal crossing: New Horizons on the popular series subreddit. The design of the beige knit sweater features two large sunflowers surrounded by four small pink flowers, which took the Redditor about a month. What is perhaps even more impressive is that novaspacecat did not use a knitting pattern, but instead chose to knit according to its own measurements before finishing the sweater by sewing the flower patterns on top. The creation was incredibly well received by colleagues Animal crossing fans on Reddit, many of them wishing they could make or buy one of Mom’s hand-knitted sweaters for themselves.

Animal Crossing characters and aesthetics continue to inspire real creations, several experienced users of the same subreddit recently crocheted their favorite Animal crossing villager. Showcasing their creations to each other, they crocheted characters like Lily, Celeste, and even a demonic themed goat villager inspired by Black Phillip from the 2015 horror film. The witch.

Despite the lack of major updates for Animal crossing: New Horizons this year, astute gamers continue to occupy themselves with awesome builds both in the game and in real life. Given the popularity of Animal crossing collaborations that often sell out quickly when released, it’s no surprise that more design-minded fans have used their skills to create their own items from the game. It seems fair to say that Animal Crossing in-game Mom would be proud of any fans who follow in her crafty footsteps.

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Animal crossing: new horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: novaspacecat / Reddit

Shin Megami Tensei V Determined Nahobino

How SMT V compares to other Shin Megami Tensei games

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15+ adorable and comfy fall knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels Mon, 06 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Photo: Stock Photos from GOFFKEIN.PRO/Shutterstock
This article may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more information.

Cozy knits and steaming teacups are the perfect fall accessories. Whether you are an experienced craftsman or just starting out, knitting your own cold weather clothes is both possible and fun. Knowing where to start is crucial; but once you have mastered a few basic stitches, you can produce your own scarves, blankets, holiday decorations, etc.

A festive fall of craftsmanship awaits you! Scroll down for our list of knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels.

Fall Knit Crochet Ideas

Photo: ARTHUR LINNIK Photo Bank / Shutterstock

Learn the basics

If you are new to knitting and crochet, there are many educational resources on the Internet.

Crochet projects are done with a single crochet and can be faster than knitting. Knitting, on the other hand, uses two needles. While not difficult to learn, knitting is generally the more complicated of the two crafts. You will want to learn the basic knitting stitch as well as the cast-on. This helpful video explains the basics of knitting even for absolute beginners. Purl stitch, which is another basic knitting technique, can also be learned through video tutorials.

Knitting needles and hooks come in different sizes. This has an impact on the stitch size and the tightness (or loss) of the weave of your work. Bigger needles create a looser knit. Be sure to follow the template requirements.

Although they use different tools, the same yarn considerations should be taken into account for knitting and crochet. The wire is available in strands of different widths. The thickness of the thread may seem like a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on the number of stitches and the size of your final product. When reading a knitting or crochet pattern, be sure to note the gauge of the yarn needed.

Knitting and crochet patterns for all skill levels

A festive knitted pumpkin

Knit pumpkin project

Photo: ANASTASIIA HOLUBIEVA Photo Bank / Shutterstock

Decorate your fireplace with adorable knitted pumpkins. Choose orange yarn or the color of your favorite fall squash. A free pattern is available on Ravelry.

Comfortable slippers that you made yourself

Crochet Slippers

Mamachee | $ 5.50

Slippers are a must-have for cold fall days, so make sure you’re ready with this DIY pair. Designed by Mamachee, the mid-level model requires an H-hook and chunky wire to bring out the cable design on top of the foot.

Crochet socks

Crochet socks pattern

Embroidery & Cie | $ 6

If slippers aren’t your thing, try crochet this pair of socks. The beginner-friendly pattern from The Stitchery & Co. uses basic stitches with the ability to change color so you can customize your look.

A pretty knit scarf

Knit scarf

Photo: XUANHUONGHO Stock Photos / Shutterstock

A scarf is a classic beginner’s knitting project for good reason. Easy, portable and cute, there are many designs of scarves for all skill levels. Beginners can try out this free chunky knit pattern from Berroco. Another free color-block pattern from O Wool is perfect for minimalists.

A quick knit headband

Crochet Knit Headband

Photo: MARXSTUDIO Stock Photos / Shutterstock

No matter what your level of experience, a knit headband is a quick project. Try out this ribbed design from Ravelry to start. Or if you’re feeling up to trying cable knitting, this free pattern is the perfect introduction.

Knitted stand-up collar with a short cut

High neck knit sweater pattern

Beloved Knitwear | $ 7.44

Shirts with a stand-up collar and a cropped cut are the order of the day. Stay on top of the latest trends when knitting this sweater. As a model suitable for beginners, he uses stockinette stitch and rib stitch with possible knitting in the round. Once you’re done, you’ll have something to go with you through fall and winter and even into next spring.

A cozy shawl

Carolina Outlander Shawl Pattern

HandyLittleMe | $ 5.79

For walks in the autumn woods, knit an elegant shawl. This Outlander-inspired pattern is affordable and accessible. To crochet a shawl, take a look at this ‘cool casual’ scarf.

The cutest hat for kids

Fox Cowl Pattern for Kids

Levelvetacorn | $ 5.50

As the holiday season approaches, knit adorable hats for the children in your life. This Failynn Fox Cowl might be the cutest pattern on the internet. Beginner crochet enthusiasts can try these easy and colorful pom pom hats from Yarnspirations.

An ingenious “Cozy” shoulder

Comfortable Icelandic knitwear on the shoulders

byEline | $ 3.99

Sometimes a little extra heat does a lot of good. This clever, cozy pattern on the shoulders is inspired by Icelandic winter knits. Another twisted pattern gives a more Irish feel.

A chunky knit blanket

Chunky knit blanket

Photo: ALBINA GLISIC Photo Bank / Shutterstock

These chunky knit blankets are not only trendy, but quick to sew thanks to the size of the thread and the needles. Try knitting the blanket using your arms instead of needles for a project that you really can’t let go. Want more instructions? Laura Birek offers an affordable pattern.

A Useful Cozy Café

Knitting Coffee Mug Cozy

Photo: PAVELKANT Stock Photos / Shutterstock

Accessorize your hot drinks with these adorable comforters. Nestle that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte into this cozy, perfectly sized pumpkin. For Oktoberfest fans, crochet these adorable colorful comforters with this easy pattern. (Remember, knit comforters won’t completely protect your fingers from the heat.)

Stylish layered cardigan

Crochet cardigan pattern

Make and crew | $ 4.30

If the thought of crocheting a sweater intimidates you, this Mezzo cardigan pattern has a different take on it. “You’ll start by crocheting two relaxing hexagons,” the designer writes, “which will magically transform into sleeves, back and front of a sweater.” Curious about how it works? You will only have to crochet it to find out!

Festive Christmas Tree Ornaments

Knitted tree pattern

Resilient Knitting Machine | $ 5

If the grocery store starts playing Christmas carols, it’s time to think about pruning your tree. Get a head start by making these beautiful tree ornaments for your friends and family. A pretty dazzled tree design can also add extra pizzazz to your decorations.

Comfortable boat neck sweaters

Simple sweater pattern

MMadisonMarie | $ 5

Knitting a sweater is a noble goal and can seem intimidating. However, after mastering a few basics, this Madison Marie pattern offers an easy path to your first sweater; the chunky boat neck design is perfect for layering throughout fall. For crochet, this simple pattern for a textured turtleneck is comfy enough to wear in all day.

Darling Deer Scarf

Deer scarf knitting pattern

Nina Führer | $ 7.32

Originally created for children but adjusted for adults, this design by Nina Führer may seem impossible. But with the help of its eight page template, you will be able to create this charming deer scarf. Before you tackle this project, you should have some knitting experience.

This article has been modified and updated.

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Limerick throwers knitting magical patterns Thu, 26 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

MY mother was a fantastic knitter. I remember the rhythmic swing of her knitting needles, balls of yarn, the variety of stitches – solid, inside out, crewneck, and rib – and how she would peek every now and then. on the grounds, usually taken from Woman’s Way magazine. .

Gradually, a sweater sleeve or a sock would begin to emerge, as if by magic. I would watch, transfixed. I even asked Mom to teach me how to knit.

But as with my other childhood passion, hurling, I didn’t progress very far. I only went to the simpler solid and reverse stitches, and gave up quite a few in my efforts to master the craft.

All of these childhood memories came back to me as I sat in the Hogan booth in Croke Park two weeks ago watching my native Limerick fight with Waterford for a place in the All Ireland hurling final.

It was the pure class of Limerick players, sewing their own kind of intricate patterns with hurley and hand passes, resulting in glorious scores from all angles of the pitch, that reminded me of my late mother’s genius.

These are dizzying days for all Limerick hurling fans. We’re just not used to sitting on top of this peak of greatness. After a 45-year famine, we now find ourselves winning our third hurling title in just four years.

What we have now, however, is a hurling team unique in a generation, which sets a new benchmark for skill, athleticism and tenacity in our old game.

There is no weak link in the team. From Nickie Quaid in the goal to Aaron Gillane in the top corner, they’re all great pitchers. Last year’s standout performers Gearoid Hegarty and Tom Morrissey were back at their best in the semi-finals.

Super cool Cian Lynch continues to display his hurling magic, while Seamus Flanagan, at full speed, seems to have found a radar-guided hurley, such is his precision. And at the head of this screaming orchestra of all talents is the calm and determined captain, Declan Hannon.

“They will be a team if they can turn the tide,” the man next to me told Pairc Ui Caoimh last month. It was half-time for the Munster final, which was being played in a stifling heatwave.

Tipperary led by 10 points and played majestically.

But conversely, Limerick did, ultimately winning by five points. It was a breathtaking second half, complemented by one of the greatest hurling goals ever.

What I liked was that the goalscorer was Kyle Hayes from my home parish of Kildimo-Pallaskenry.

Along with Tipperary, Cork were the traditional pillars of Munster hurling, Limerick, Clare and Waterford being the poor relatives.

There is a very strong and centuries-old rivalry between our neighboring counties. And over the years we have had many beatings from Cork.

Another “first”, given the lingering shadow of the Covid, was an attendance of 40,000 spectators.

Compare that with last year’s final which was played in an empty stadium, less than two weeks before Christmas!
A sort of normalcy is gradually returning, and while you’re not a die-hard sports fanatic, Sunday’s Croke Park show was worth celebrating for that reason alone.

One more thing. A century ago, the 1921 All Ireland hurling title was won by Limerick, although the game was not played until March 1923 due to the disruptions of the War of Independence and the civil war.

And for that year’s victory, they became the first recipients of the famous Liam MacCarthy Cup, presented at the time by the GAA for the All Ireland winners.

The lost art of Hebridean knitting patterns is now kept alive by the group Fri, 30 Oct 2020 07:00:00 +0000
Marriage Lines Shawl.
Marriage Lines Shawl.

Herring Girl Knitwear based on the Isle of Barra – which marks one year since its launch – uses the unique designs and styles first developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by the formidable group of women known as the name of “Herring Girls”, which followed the schools of herring around the British coast.

Women were employed in the grueling work of gutting and drying fish for the merchants. They came from all over the country and often spent months away from home.

Despite the hard work and poor living conditions, these women were the standard bearers of the culture and traditions of their communities. Their free time would be spent talking, singing and knitting.

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Cardigan with veil pattern

Their knitting would use skills and patterns passed down from generation to generation and learned as they grow older. Very often their finished clothes were sent home for family members to wear.

Motifs often included motifs such as anchors, ship wheels, hearts or wedding lines, each with a distinct connection to its own home islands and the fishing industry.

The unique fishermen’s guernsey barra design (sweater) is the True Lovers knot.

The Herring Girl line of knitwear is inspired by these hardworking women and uses official fishing port records to indicate which community the designs relate to.

Anchor beanie with mesh scarf

The first Herring Girl range used the ‘CY’ brand, which represents the fishing port of Castlebay on Barra.

They also currently manufacture clothing under the ‘SY’ records for Stornoway and ‘BRD’ for Broadford on the Isle of Skye. All of their products are available for purchase from the website or through their resellers and can be made to order.

Another unique quirk of the Herring Girl brand is that knitters are not known to the buyer by name – instead, each knitter chooses the name and registration number of a fishing vessel that is historically linked. to this community.

Herring Girl Founder and Designer Margaret Anne Elder – known as ‘CY Grian nan Oir’ to her clients – said: “I watched my grandmother knit every moment of the day. Often, when she walked from her hometown to the store or post office, she could knit a sock there and one on the way home. Anyone who remembers her will always talk about her knitting.

Barra fishermans Guernsey with True Lovers bow motif

“For many years I have been determined to bring the history of the Herring Girls to life in one way or another, to honor these brave girls and women who have had such a difficult life and spent their time. free to create such beautiful gifts for their families. And what better way to do it than to recreate the magnificent designs that have such a strong cultural connection to Hebridean communities past and present.

“Each design has a story that relates to our island heritage and I am proud to ensure that these designs and styles endure and can be passed on to future generations.

“The history of the patterns is fascinating, with each island having its own unique identifiers. If you come across a fisherman wearing a hand-knitted Guernsey, you may know their home port just by looking at the pattern. In addition to staying true to the unique designs, our hand knitters stay true to the colors used by our ancestors with the traditional, greens, blues and browns forming the basis of the range.

Margaret Anne added: “At the moment I have five experienced knitters who provide quality clothing for Herring Girl. However, I am very keen to make sure that these skills and models are passed on, just as they have been to me. I will be looking to recruit younger knitters who are ready to learn the craft and history so that it can be passed on to the next generation of knitters.

Margaret Ann Elder

“And in these times, knitting is a therapeutic hobby that can provide a calming distraction to whatever is going on around us.

“In island culture, the herring girl is considered a strong and hard-working woman who was not afraid of hard transplants.

“I hope that through the Herring Girl collection, we can pay tribute to their resilience and thank them for keeping these unique traditions alive so that we can live up to them.”

One of the Herring Girl Collection knitters known as “CY42 Venus” added, “My grandmother taught us to knit when we were young, she always knitted. It was a skill she was determined to grow with as she had done and those before her, and

“I am incredibly proud to be able to carry on the tradition. She is my inspiration every time I pick up my knitting needles.

Knitting patterns on the theme of the book Fri, 05 Jun 2020 07:00:00 +0000 This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Enter Book Riot’s new book

Most of these designs are available as a PDF download and list recommended yarns that you can buy from the site or search online, and I think personalizing these projects with colors that echo the cover or the vibe of a book could be a great creative exercise!

Knit Book Jacket

Keep your books warm and toasty with this knit book jacket, featuring an adorable pocket for your bookmark or annotator pen.

Anne Shirley Puff Sleeve Top

Adopt ‘Anne with an e’ and dreamy puff sleeves in this fashioned knit top.

Katniss hood

Whether you’re taking part in the Hunger Games or just trying to stay warm, this Katniss-inspired hoodie is sure to make a statement.

Claire’s Triangle Shawl 1 & gao = 1 && utm_source = google & utm_medium = cpc & utm_campaign = & shopping_us_halloween_Craft_Supplies_and_Tools utm_custom1 = da3f9720-2940-499c-A115-c77f729cf11c & utm_content = go_1707961854_69268682369_331635230337_pla-295462056867_c__560703218 & utm_custom2 = 1707961854 & gclid = EAIaIQobChMIz9vTnJjB6QIVRb7ACh3FTg1hEAQYASABEgKZu_D_BwE

the foreigner fans will love this shawl which is perfect for repelling the thrills of Scotland while leading your time travel romance.

Mrs. Fitz’s Mittens

For a smaller one the foreigner project, try this modern take on Ms. Fitz’s mittens, with colors inspired by the book-based TV series.

A wrinkle in time Shawl

The colors of this shawl are gorgeous, but I think it could also look great with black and dark blue threads that pay homage to the “dark stormy night” at the start of the book.

Secret Garden Shawl

Wrap yourself in your own Secret garden with this vibrant and delicate shawl with a leaf and vine pattern.

Gryffindor scarf

If you’re new to knitting, this easy scarf pattern is a great first project. Swap colors to personalize it to your Hogwarts house!

Hogwarts Houses Hats

Ready for a more complicated Harry potter project? Check out these hat designs… how adorable is this badger ?!

The Wuthering Heights Sweater

There is no law that says you can’t stay warm AND look good by wandering the moors thinking about your lost love.

Bella’s mittens

If the next Midnight Sun the outing makes you remember all things Dusk, why not knit a pair of these mittens? Inspired by Bella Swan, they’ll keep your hands warm as you explore your vampire / werewolf love triangle.

Capelet of the woods

This adorable little cape strikes me as exactly the sort of thing Emma, ​​or maybe one of the March sisters, would use to dress up an outfit.

Hope one of these designs inspired you to pick up your knitting needles and create something awesome!

19 Best Knitting Supplies – Top Knitting Tools and Materials of 2021 Wed, 20 May 2020 07:00:00 +0000


A homemade knitted scarf or hat makes a perfect thoughtful gift for birthdays and holidays, as well as being a fun and creative activity you can do in your spare time. To start your knitting journey, you really only need three things: Knitting needles, thread and scissors – corn there are many other handy tools that can make knitting even easier and produce expert-level results.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has rated sewing machines and other craft supplies for your ultimate DIY docking station. With our expertise, we’ve found the best knitting supplies for beginners and advanced knitters, helping you master a new technique or perfect every type of knitting project. Shop for the best knitting supplies of 2020:

Advertising – Continue Reading Below


Knitting needles

10 Inch Aluminum Single Stitch Knitting Needles

To get started, you’ll need knitting needles and this pair of Boye’s are a great beginner’s size to get started. Size eight is a perfect width for beginners as they are easy to maneuver while being lightweight. Reviewers say the aluminum material allows for smooth knitting as you go without losing stitches.


Cozy yarn

Impeccable thread

Buckles and threads

$ 1.47

This affordable acrylic yarn is available in 60 colors and has over 600 rave reviews online. The brand recommends using a size eight knitting needle like the Boye aluminum knitting needles above with this yarn. It includes 260 yards of yarn that can also be used for crochet projects.


Fabric shears

8 Inch Knife Blade Dressmaker Scissors

While general-purpose scissors will likely work just for cutting wire, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of snips. These dressmaking scissors can cut thread, fabric and trim with ease. With over 3,000 rave reviews on Amazon, these scissors are popular for cutting fabric smooth “like butter” and are also useful around the house.


Knitting kit for beginners

Chunky Chunky Merino Wool Cowl Kit


$ 57.95

If you are worried about choosing the right knitting needles and yarn, you should try a knitting kit, which includes everything you will need to complete a certain project. This knitting kit from LivingDreamsYarn on Etsy has all the tools to make a beautiful, thick knit scarf. It is available in 13 shades with instructions and patterns included, which makes it easy to obtain an expert-level result.


Advanced knitting kit

New Rules Sweater Knitting Kit

Wool and tape

$ 134.00

For expert knitters looking for their next challenge, this knitting kit from Wool and the Gang includes everything you will need to make this plaid sweater, including straight and circular knitting needles, alpaca yarn and merino wool and detailed instructions. Available in sizes 0-22 with 25 shades of mix and match yarn, you can finally create the sweater of your dreams.


Knitting patterns

34 trendy pieces you can do in a day

Loopy Mango knit

GH Design Director and Expert Craftsman Mariana Tuma loves this book because it features designs and knitting projects that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Reviewers especially love the looser, thicker knit sweaters featured. If you want to learn how to make knitted clothes and accessories, this book is for you.


Giant knitting needles

Giant wooden knitting needles

Buckles and threads

$ 11.99

For projects that require a larger gauge, use thicker needles such as these jumbo wood knitting needles. In general, the rule is that the thicker the needle, the coarser the stitches will be. Some knitters also prefer to use thicker needles with thicker yarn to produce a looser result. Reviewers also recommend these knitting needles as an alternative to arm knitting.


Circular knitting needles

Set of circular knitting needles

cute diy

$ 13.99

Circular knitting needles help you avoid having seams in your final project, perfect for making hats, socks and sweaters too. This set from cuteDIY includes 11 knitting needles in a variety of widths, so you have everything you need for any type of circular knitting project. The needle itself is made of bamboo with a hollow tube connecting them. The tube is only slightly thinner than the needle itself to maintain the stitch gauge as you knit.


Point markers

104 pieces of lock stitch markers

When knitting a complicated pattern, it’s easy to forget where you are and make a mistake, which can be difficult to correct. These stitch markers help you mark where you are in the design to avoid missing stitches. Available in eight colors, you can use a different color to mark the start and end of stitches.


Tapestry needles

Blunt needles with large eyes

To finish your projects professionally, these large, blunt needles help you sew the edges and seams of your knitting projects together. This choice includes nine needles in a variety of sizes, each with a large, easy-to-slip opening. Reviewers love to use them for crochet and other sewing projects!


Stitch supports

Stitch support set

Buckles and threads

$ 3.99

When you take a break from a certain project, these stitch holders will keep everything in place while you use your knitting needles for something else. He enters a set of three in different sizes to avoid losing stitches in smaller and larger knitting projects look alike.


Mesureing tape

Soft tape measure

Many knitting projects require a tape measure to keep your stitches consistent as you go. Not just for knitting, a soft tape measure is great for sewing and for determining your body measurements as well. With over 1000 rave reviews on Amazon, critics love it this tape measure has both inches and centimeters with large, easy-to-read numbers.


Thread guide

2 size wire guide


$ 9.99

A thread guide runs directly over your finger and holds the thread in place while maintaining a comfortable level of tension. This choice of VintageBee comes with six thread guides in two so differentfits a variety of finger sizes. Critics love the fact that it relieves your fingers, preventing “wire burn”.


Needle caps

20 Piece Knitting Needle Stitch Protectors


$ 5.89

If you want a quick break from knitting, you should put on these point protectors to make sure you don’t lose any stitches. This set comes with 20 pieces in two different sizes and is made from flexible material, adapts perfectly to the tip of almost all sizes of knitting needles. Note that the color assortment is random in each package, so you will likely receive colors that are different from those pictured.


Point gauge

Count 10 Plus gauge detector

This adjustable gauge finder makes it easy to measure your stitches to make sure you are following the pattern correctly. It can also help you determine the size of your knitting needles and which knitting needle is best for each project.


Blocking mat

Blocking mat for knitting

Well done to the sheep

$ 24.11

To make sure that your knitting projects keep their proper shape, you may need to block them out. This blocking board set includes nine EVA foam interlocking boards with a one inch grid for easy measurement in case of dry or wet blockage.


Knitting machine

Knit Spool Loom Set

If you want to avoid knitting needles altogether, a spool knitter allows you making belts and scarves without needle. It’s also a great way to quickly and easily make straps and ties to attach to larger knitting projects. There are also larger knitwear sets for making seamless sweaters and hats.


Knitting counter

Knit scoring set

Buckles and threads

$ 2.99

Perfect fit on your knitting needles, it has never been easier to count rows while knitting – just turn the counter for each row. It includes two sizes which should fit most knitting needles. There are also some great knitting counter apps for your phone.


Knitting patterns

Visual Encyclopedia of Knitting Stitches

Susan turner

$ 16.00

When learning new models, it helps to have a reference guide. This book presents more 350 knitting patterns with easy to follow instructions and tons of full color images. Reviewers love that this book includes both beginner and expert stitch patterns. Plus, it’s available through your Kindle or in pocket size.

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Knit with these patterns! Wed, 01 Apr 2020 07:00:00 +0000

Quarantine, get your knitting needles ready. We have a new challenge for you.

Everyone is looking for the best ways to keep busy while the world is on hold. From baking and yoga to TikTok challenges and binge-watching TV, there are many ways to keep yourself entertained.

Now more than ever, there is a plethora of resources online to help you develop a new skill. And if you were looking for a place to start knitting, then we’ve found what you need.

Scandinavian designers Arne and Carlos have created a knitting challenge, so you can keep yourself busy for the weeks to come by following!

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Who are Arne and Carlos?

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are designers, textile artists and authors. They create under the name ARNE & CARLOS, which they created in 2002.

The D’Amelio Show | Official trailer | Hulu

Together, Arne and Carlos create knits, housewares, crafts and craft books. A majority of their work is influenced by their Scandinavian heritage.

You can find out more about the pair and visit their store on their website.

Arne and Carlos’ quarantine knitting challenge

The first week of the knitting challenge started on Monday March 23.

Day after day, they release clues to the models of the week. Each day of the week, a part / pattern will be revealed. Week 1 has parts 1 through 5, week 2 has parts 6 through 10, and so on.

So far, the weeks have not started on Monday exclusively. For example, week 2 was posted on Friday March 27 and week 3 was posted on Tuesday March 31. But they publish five games per week, which means you can do one per day.

Start week 1 here. You can find week 2 and week 3.

Arne and Carlos have also posted a KAL (knitting) podcast and YouTube video that you can watch every day!

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Join the Facebook group to knit in solidarity

Knitting is no easy task, and so to help all those newbies, Arne and Carlos have created a specific 40s knitting group on Facebook. This is how people can discuss models, offer advice, or just post their best designs for compliments!

To date, the group has over 11,400 members.

You can find the Facebook group here.

Remember to stay social. Check out our best movies to watch on the Netflix Party Guide.

Knit for a Cause: Purple baby hats signal normal crying, aim to prevent shaken baby syndrome Mon, 21 Aug 2017 07:00:00 +0000

Using soft yarns in shades of purple, artisans can knit or crochet a message of support for babies born at two Spokane hospitals.

As part of a popular campaign in the United States organized by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, Click for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps is raising awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome, also known as abusive head injury.

Locally, individuals knit baby hats to donate to newborns at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital as well as Providence Holy Family Hospital. The “click” in the campaign name refers to the clicking of knitting needles.

The hats are distributed along with educational materials intended to help new parents deal with the stress of caring for newborns.

“The hospital is giving out purple baby hats along with a DVD and a flyer about babies who never cry and never stop; it lets parents know they’re not alone, ”said Sallee Johnson, 73, of Spokane. “It gives parents advice they can use. “

Johnson coordinates the Harvard Park Retirement Community knitters who donated 301 caps in June to Holy Family. She said the South Hill facility had 14 people – residents, friends and staff – who made the baby hats, the third year they made it.

A baby hat can be any shade of purple, even the Spokane region’s favorite lilac tone, and should be at least 50 percent purple. Suggestions for knitting or crochet patterns are online at

About five years ago, Providence Hospitals in Spokane began using the Period of PURPLE Crying education program, said Kim Jorgensen, director of women’s and children’s services for the two sites.

Parents receive the Purple Crying Period DVD and materials, an acronym for increased crying typical of early childhood, which can peak at 2 months and end at 3 to 5 months.

The video program also emphasizes the importance of never shaking a baby, which can cause brain damage, vision problems, developmental delays, physical disabilities, hearing loss or even death. Severe head injuries are one of the leading causes of physical abuse death in children under 5 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The purple knitted or crocheted beanies are meant to show community support for parents and babies, while providing a visual reminder of the tips available through Period of PURPLE Crying. Parents in hospitals receive a purple baby hat with program materials, if enough hats are available.

VIOLET means:

Peak, with babies crying more each week and most at 2 months, then less at 3 to 5 months

Unexpected, because crying can come and go without the people around them knowing why

Resists appeasement, in that babies might not stop crying no matter what a parent tries

Pain, because babies may appear to be in pain; even when they are not

Long lasting, as crying can last up to five hours a day, or even longer

Evening, indicating that babies may cry more in the late afternoon and evening.

Jorgensen said the campaign recently developed an app for iPhones and Android smartphones, which is free when the hospital provides a code. The app has the same DVD layout, but also provides information in five different languages, including Spanish and Russian.

Families can watch a short video with PURPLE education through a TV system in the hospital, then parents are asked if they prefer the on-the-go DVD or the app code.

“We ask them to do this before they go out, then we provide their baby with a purple hat and explain that they were donated, and they follow the recommendations for the PURPLE crying period,” Jorgensen added.

“When you give them the purple hat, the nurses tell them that this is a visual reminder to remind you of the PURPLE crying information period, that the hat will remind you to either initiate what you have. learned, either to get on the phone and go over the steps you need to take to deal with your baby’s crying.

“We try to give the caps away for as long as we have them, at all times. Babies actually lose heat through their heads. Even if it’s summer, we put a hat on them.

Hospitals in Providence receive many in-kind donations, including handmade hats in different colors, throughout the year. In any given year, her Providence Health Care Foundation receives donations of 3,000 to 5,000 knitted hats for newborns and pediatric patients.

The two Spokane facilities typically handle around 4,500 births per year.

The foundation accepts in-kind donations to the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, but people sometimes bring them in person to the Holy Family. More baby hats made in purple are always welcome, Jorgensen said.

Christine Baker, based at Seattle Children’s, is the statewide program coordinator for the Period of PURPLE Crying program and is part of a state coalition to prevent abusive head injuries.

She said the education program is based on 30 years of research into increasing crying over an eight-week period, which typically decreases around 3 to 4 months. In premature and term newborns, even babies of different cultures, increased crying is common, she said.

“What the research has shown by looking at this pattern of normal development of increased crying – people used to call it colic – if you take that and overlap the number of cases of abusive head trauma, or shaken baby, is almost the exact same curve, ”Baker mentioned.

“The link has been shown that this increased crying is the trigger for a parent or caregiver shaking a baby when they are frustrated or angry with the crying.”

The educational materials were developed to educate parents that crying is normal, as are their feelings of frustration and even anger, she said. “You are not a bad parent, you do not have a bad baby, you are not an incompetent parent, this is a normal phase of development,” she added.

“It provides tools to appease but also to normalize. It’s okay to be frustrated or even angry, but the best thing to do is drop the baby off in a safe place, walk away, and take a break.

The Click for Babies component helps spread the word to other members of the community, she said, for a change in public perception of crying babies and a move towards supporting parents rather than judging them. , she said.

Some hospitals with fewer handmade hats give them to parents during the colder months of November and December, although the PURPLE crying time material is distributed year round with or without the hats, Baker said. .

The education campaign has been running in Washington state since 2012, Baker said. Of the state’s 62 delivery hospitals, 44 distribute Period of PURPLE Crying materials, she said; other centers, including the Rockwood system now under MultiCare Health System, have expressed interest.

Washington state has 86,000 to 87,000 births per year, according to Baker.

“We had to get caps last year from another state; we were running out, ”Baker said. “At Seattle Children’s last year we handed out 3,500 hats. They are always warmly welcomed and the parents appreciate that someone has done it for them.

“Parents feel so much pressure to do the right thing, and sometimes your baby cries. It’s just normal. This is one of the main takeaways, and it is validation for parents. ”