Suspicious Voting Patterns Seen in ALXnow Mayoral Race Poll | ALX now

Analysis of the recent ALXnow poll of the Alexandria mayoral race shows hundreds of apparently fraudulent votes.

In response to allegations that a candidate appeared to benefit from a quick repeat vote, ALXnow performed an IP address analysis of the votes.

Our analysis showed 167 votes cast from non-US IP addresses, with all but five cast for Allison Silberberg.

Another 231 votes came from a particular combination of IP addresses, with a speed that suggests repeated voting. While all three candidates received votes within this group, the vast majority were for Silberberg.

No other significant irregularities were observed.

Silberberg touted his apparent advantage in the ALXnow poll in a social media post on Sunday. There is no indication that she was aware of the apparently fraudulent votes.

Silberberg told us that at no point does she condone cheating when voting or taking online polls.

When the 398 suspicious votes described above were removed from the more than 1,200 cast, the poll results are radically different:

  • Justin wilson: 53%
  • Allison silberberg: 36%
  • Annetta’s catches: 11%

While not intended to be a scientific poll, ALXnow regrets that it was apparently exploited to mislead voters in Alexandria. A note will be added to the original survey post, referring to this article.

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