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When Robert Henning announced a rotation on Saturday, two children in the family switched to what he called “a tough station”.

Skylar Shadrick, 9, tries to figure out instructions from a museum assistant as he learns how to make a spool knit on Saturday at Gillette’s Rockpile Museum.

There, in the back room of the Rockpile Museum, assistant Brittney Elsasser taught children how to make spool knits.

“It is certainly the most difficult of today’s crafts,” said Henning, director of the museum.

Homesteader Crafting in Rockpile

Rayna Brock, 6, works on a windmill on Saturday with the help of Reygan Michelena during a family craft day at the Rockpile Museum in Gillette.

The family farm craft day also included lessons in paper windmills, whirligigs and thaumatropes, a popular optical toy in the 19th century.

When Henning announced another rotation, Shadrick had had enough.

Homesteader Crafting in Rockpile

Deann Kepler spins handmade tops with his sons Sawyer, 5, and Greysen, 9, during a family farm craft day Saturday at the Rockpile Museum in Gillette.

“We survived!” he celebrated. “Yes!”

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