Summit on sustainable and biobased alternative materials

The Sustainable and Bio-Based Alternative Materials Digital Summit, to be held March 30-31, 2022, will bring together start-ups, the fashion and apparel industry, bio-based innovators and cross-sector sustainability advocates, to explore key challenges and opportunities in the successful commercialization of plant-based, lab-grown and circular materials at scale.

For two days, this industry-led digital meeting is a forum to discuss the latest advances in materials science and the growth of sustainable products that are fueling the new wave of alternative materials and shaping a more sustainable consumer goods industry. .

“I was struck by the myriad of really exciting sustainable approaches to doing and improving things as well as the potential for networking with people who can provide the capital to market this work,” said fashion designer Thomasine Dolan , IBD, of last year. inaugural meeting.

2022 Program Highlights

The second edition of the Summit refocused on sustainability as a major theme, as a growing number of consumer brands commit to integrating sustainable materials into their product lines.

Access the full event guide to learn all about the 25+ expert speakers and the topics they discuss, including:

-How to successfully align your business strategy with changing consumer trends and demands to understand buying habits for market gain and growth

-How to build strategic partnerships between innovators and brands for the successful integration of sustainable alternatives, for sustainability commitments and product expansion.

-The potential of alternative materials to push the boundaries of material innovation, to create design-driven materials that meet consumer standards.

-Opportunities to increase scalability and create economies of scale, bringing alternative and bio-based materials to the global market, ensuring lower prices.

-The concept of circularity and circular-based systems within production, providing opportunities to eliminate negative outputs and the use of raw materials.

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“Sustainable and Biobased Alternative Materials Summit”

March 30 – 31, 2022

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