Sergeant Aaron Griffin named 2021 Instructor of the Year

Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent announced that the directors of the state and provincial Police Academy have named MSHP Sergeant Aaron K. Griffin their Instructor of the Year for 2021. The nominations for this award comes from police academies in the United States and Canada. SPPADS is a section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Nominees for SPPADS Instructor of the Year are evaluated in these four areas:

  • Curriculum research and development
  • Excellence in animation
  • Commitment to enhance self-learning and learning within the police profession, and
    Innovation and / or implementation of the program.

Sgt. Griffin has a natural ability to facilitate and teach training courses and has proven to be an exceptionally forward thinking and innovative instructor. His in-depth research into emerging trends and best practices, and the application of new and innovative ideas, has led to the development of “High-risk armed encounters and traffic stops” and “Active response to threats” training. Plus, Staff Sgt. Griffin proposed an overhaul of the Highway Patrol’s Fitness Standards program.

In addition to the required certifications, Sgt. Griffin reads publications on the subject, researches and attends other schools / courses in his teaching areas and maintains contacts throughout the national law enforcement community for the most recent information and best practices available. Sgt. Griffin has been an instructor at Patrol’s Law Enforcement Academy since 2016.

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