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Update on my plants and roller coaster fiasco a few weeks ago. (This is where my watered plant, which I thought was drained, ended up draining all the way through my little bookshelf in my craft room.) The little drip plate under the planter didn’t did the job so I got an old ice cream bucket as a drainer. Problem solved. The recovered coaster (the one that was stuck, pinned between the wall and the washing machine) is now washed, dried and put back into service.

Does anyone know where I can find my scissors? They’re never where I thought I left them. Most of the time, I end up piling my pattern instructions, pieces of fabric and / or newspaper articles on the scissors. Then it’s tapping on that pile or pile of stuff. I found them where I left them, under the fourth pile of stuff. Now if only I can find my cup of coffee.

Lots of stuff is the bane of my existence, especially at this time of year. I’m in finishing mode for a few donation and charity projects. I finished a knit baby set for a friend, which consists of a hat, sweater and a little afghan. The ends of the thread are woven and the set has been washed and dried, ready to ship. A Christmas stocking is on the needles and going well. I finished a pocket shawl for a gift except that I have to buy more yarn to make the pockets that go to the ends of the shawl. I hope I can escape the store by buying only one skein of yarn. There is still a charity project vest to finish along the shoulders and the last Afghan grandchild ready to be assembled. I will be spending a lot of time weaving scraps of yarn to complete these projects. No actual deadline except for the Christmas stocking, but I want to finish these projects so I have room in my craft room to work on new projects.

I often like to read the Family Circus comic, but last Saturday’s cartoon, which featured the grandmother working on a craft, made me heave a big sigh along with a palm of my hand. The granddaughter, Dolly, said she didn’t know you could use chopsticks to sew. In all of my years of sewing, I can honestly say that I have never used chopsticks to sew items together. I use a sewing machine or sew the item by hand using a sewing needle. If you watch the cartoon, the grandmother is working on a knitting project, ergo using “two sticks” to knit. You can, however, use chopsticks to make a knitting project, but sewing is not one of those crafts for chopsticks or knitting needles. I’m sure Family Circus will get a lot of feedback from knitting and sewing craftsmen about this cartoon.

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