Psychedelic prints and patterns for the grooviest vibes

Things are getting heady in 2022 as psychedelic prints continue to grow in popularity. Wavy, heavily patterned prints are one of the few retro styles that haven’t yet made a real sustained comeback in the 2000s, so it’s time for some time in the spotlight. And if you’re looking to follow the trend, there are plenty of psychedelic prints you can play with, and all of them will help you create the most trippy closet in your apartment complex. Best of all, you don’t even have to go to Wonderland to master it.

Psychedelic patterns first appeared in the 1960s and the style lasted well into the 70s. The marker of a true psychedelic pattern is one that features wavy lines, bright colors and optical illusions, although the main line is this: the clothes should exude a trippy energy. Back then, these prints were mostly presented in loose, flowing silhouettes, but not anymore. Now, in 2022, things have taken a more tailored turn, but the designs are straight out of Summer of Love.

Whether you want to layer the colors, keep things neutral, or check out a print that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, below you’ll find 10 psychedelic shirts, skirts, dresses, and more to shop.

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Give someone the cold shoulder with Tulle top from ASOS ($23, ASOS). It’s filled with wavy lines to keep you and those you flex guessing.

Go for two trends at once by wearing both a heady print and an asymmetrical top. The cut in Cider Retro Top ($18, Cider) breaks up the heavy pattern while adding funky new details to the turtleneck.

For those who prefer to keep their clothes on the neutral side, Akira’s net skirt ($20, Akira) will fit perfectly into your wardrobe without making too much noise.

Checkerboard print was everywhere in 2021, and rather than just embracing the pattern, Fashion Nova updated it with its Back later ($25, Nova Fashion). It keeps the Hot-Topic aesthetic from 2014 in a way that you can wear long into the future.

Last but not least, date Badinka’s Time Warp Catsuit ($99, Badinka). It’s a whole outfit in one piece and you can even get extra, Matrix-touch it while wearing the gloves.

You might get a headache after looking at these prints, but at least it will be elegant.

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