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The Air Force Personnel Center will be accepting applications from active duty Air Force line officers for the 2023 calendar year Officer Instructor & Recruiting Special Duty (OI&RSD) Nomination Board of 11 April to May 14.

The board selects officers in the ranks of first lieutenant through lieutenant colonel to serve in the positions of Formal Training Instructor, Air Force Recruiting Service, and Officer Training Corps Detachment Commander Air Force Reserve (Det/CC). Those selected will receive assignments with reporting dates from June 2023 to May 2024. Tutors interested in these positions will compete through a separate U.S. Space Force process.

To be eligible, candidates must have spent at least 24 months on station during the initial reporting period if serving in the United States, or a DEROS during the reporting period. Officers cannot have derogatory data (adverse information record, reference officer performance report) in the last five years prior to the board. Functional release from AFPC assignment is not required to apply.

Agents on the Winter Move Vulnerable List (VML) or with a projected posting, approved retirement or separation date, or Posting Availability Code (AAC) expiration date beyond the reporting period are not eligible to compete; however, officers projected for a short-term assignment or currently assigned to joint service positions will be considered.

“Appointment of instructor and recruiting for special duties does not preclude an officer from also being appointed for command, development education, or other competitive processes,” said Sophia Barnard, assignments at the OI & RSD and the United States Air Force Academy. “PSAC will work with commanding officers to resolve these selections on a case-by-case basis, so we strongly encourage officers to apply if they are interested.”

Agents who meet the minimum eligibility criteria will receive a myPers link to apply or decline the program using MyVector.

“There is no penalty for declining consideration and agents are not automatically screened,” Barnard said. “This is a nominative process and requires the approval of a senior evaluator to ensure we have the right talent to find and develop future Airmen and Guardians.”

Board-selected candidates will volunteer for OI&RSD positions on the Talent Marketplace(TM) prior to the normal summer 2023 assignment window. summer or winter assignment. AFROTC Det/CC assignment matches occur outside of TM.

AFROTC (Det/CC and Instructor) and Recruitment Service positions are spread across the country. Other instructor positions are located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.; USAFA, Colorado; and JBSA-Lackland, Texas.

For Capt. Joseph Smiley, Chief of Strategic Outreach and Program Integration at the Squadron Officer School, SOS was his number one instructor position on his OI&RSD preference list.

“When I went through SOS as a student, I saw how close and almost family-like the faculty members were,” Smiley said. “I was interested in being part of SOS and asked my instructor in my last feedback what I needed to do to come back. School is a great place to be affected and if you want to have a positive impact and lasting on air and space forces, I strongly encourage every individual to apply for the SOS Instructor duty.

Upon arriving at the Officers Training School as an instructor, 1st Lt. Katie Littlefield also noted the family atmosphere and camaraderie within 24 Training Squadron.

“The work environment almost feels deployed in the sense that its mission is one that drives a team toward a common goal and objective,” Littlefield said. “As much as I appreciate the brotherhood, I really feel like I have found my place in teaching. Being an instructor is a demanding position. But the energy and investment invested in the men and women who will be our nation’s sword and shield pays dividends when we see students reaching and realizing their full potential firsthand.

Due to their vital role in training and developing the Department of the Air Force’s future officer corps, these positions are exempt from deployment and can positively impact an officer’s career path. . The special duty is highlighted in the member’s officer selection record and emphasized in the Secretary of the Air Force’s Memorandum of Instructions to members of the promotion board, Barnard said.

“There are also many benefits and incentives that come with selecting this program, including a close-knit family work environment, personal and professional growth opportunities for faculty, predictable daily schedules, family time, and the opportunity to meet and interact with a wide range of people and AFSCs,” added Smiley.

Captain Trenidy Thomas, 24 TRS flight commander and former OTS instructor, said anyone who wants to become a better leader and follower should apply.

“‘Judge each day not by the crop you reap, but by the seeds you plant’ is a quote I use as a guiding principle,” Thomas said. “As instructors, we sow seeds for how officers should lead, track, and care for their Airmen and the mission. We may never see the fruits of our labor, but we know we planted the right seeds. If you need to refill your cup, come to OTS. Interns will teach and inspire you more than you could ever come back to. »

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