PHOTOS: Regional artisans bring unique crafts and treats to Casper

CASPER, Wyo. – Over 200 vendors are set up this weekend at what is billed as “Wyoming’s Greatest Craft Fair.” This is the 30th annual Community Recreation Foundation event, according to Joy Lammers of the Casper Recreation Division.

The craft fair continues Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Proceeds from the $ 3 admission go towards scholarships for senior children and families for access to facilities and classes through the city’s recreational division.

(Grégoire Hirst)

There are also vendor gift bags for raffles, which go towards next year’s operating costs.

There is something for everyone, including men, said Lammers: “It’s not just about knitting and sewing.

One example would be Ron Roemmich’s metal recreations of the vehicles that populate the oilfield, which he began building after withdrawing from the rigs. His wife Steph said it kept him busy and out of the kitchen.

Ron and Steph Roemmich (Gregory Hirst)

Lammers said artisan foods are popular choices and his favorite part of the craft fair. There’s fudge, peanut crisp, cheesecake, flavored peanut butter, bread, and local honey infused with spices.

There are also plenty of hand-sewn functional clothing, decorations, and tote bags that people can buy to start crossing people off their holiday shopping lists. Some had this intention, but ended up finding things on their own.

Casper’s mother-daughter team Heather and Saybin Corra are avowed lovers of the ‘strange’, and their concrete planters fashioned into skulls and coffins are proof of that.

The concrete planters of Heather and Saybin Corra (Gregory Hirst)

It was Heather’s husband who suggested they could sell more containers if they were filled with plants. Of course, the brain cactus does the trick.

“Succulents love concrete,” Heather said.

Community Recreation Foundation 30th Annual Craft Fair (Gregory Hirst)

Other items available include pottery, turned wood items, sheet metal painting, candles, gemstones, hand-sewn items, essential oils, jewelry, crochet and knit items, wares baked goods, candy and even items from a few home businesses such as Scentsy Toys and Discovery.

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