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Delhi-based Anab Naiyer grew up watching the women in her family crochet, embroider, knit and sew to make all kinds of items to use around the home and as gifts. Twenty-three years later, she operates a home-based yarn craft business called Oony By Anab. Naiyer manufactures a variety of seasonal baby knitwear, scarves, hand-embroidered jewelry, home decor, crochet jewelry, and bags.

“Sometimes I discontinue old products and introduce new ones to keep my inventory creative, niche and exclusive,” adds the 30-year-old entrepreneur. Following an overwhelming response for rakhi, she will now be hosting an online embroidery workshop for beginners on Independence Day.

“I have single-handedly made 150 rakhis, as well as custom rakhis and customer-requested home decor items for their siblings. I continue to do workshops and online classes because I am so excited to the idea of ​​other people getting into the craft. Naiyer grew up in Bahraich, UP. Since there were no other sources of entertainment, she took up this hobby. The first thing she fashioned was a crocheted tablecloth. “I must have been eight years old. It was a treasured possession and my parents showed it. It was wonderful to be appreciated,” adds Naiyer. She started Oony il three years ago.

“In the beginning, the confidence that my family had in my work motivated me. But after six months, people started recognizing me as an entrepreneur. My late mother-in-law took care of everything at home, so I could focus on my business,” adds Naiyer. Naiyer used to source raw materials from local markets in Delhi, but since the pandemic, she has been shopping online. For now, her business and her doctoral thesis in literature, which she is pursuing at Jamia Millia Islamia, are her main interests.

“I also do a bit of yoga on good days. But settling in with my yarn and hook after dinner is my favorite time to work. I usually work well past midnight listening to music or watching a series. Her family supports her. “My husband helps me with bills and logistics, and my sister recently helped manage my social media and marketing.

My mother always helped with the design, color selections and brainstorming. Even my father helps me. Since this craft is limited to villages and small towns, she wants to revive it. “I’ve been working on my YouTube channel for this, and I also have beginner-friendly DIY kits that are a good place to start.” Instagram username: @oony.by.anab

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