Nostalgic craftsmanship making a comeback, new survey finds

Good news for crafting enthusiasts – nostalgic hobbies are on the rise and many of them involve crafting things!

According to a survey by Norwegian skincare brand Neutrogena, people choose traditional hobbies as their preferred way to spend their free time. A survey of 2,000 adults found that more than half (53%) love doing new “hands-on” activities, like crafts, as a form of stress relief. And although the average Brit already has three hobbies, 76% admitted they could still find time in their schedule to learn a new skill.

Jo Coughlan, Brand Manager Neutrogena, celebrating their 50th birthdaye birthday said, “We shouldn’t underestimate the physical and mental benefits that a ‘hands-on hobby’ can bring to our lives. Hobbies like sewing and painting, which may seem old-fashioned, are relaxing and rewarding.”

With creative hobbies, there’s never been a better excuse to spend time doing your favorite crafting hobbies and participating in the crafting revival.

The benefits of traditional arts and crafts are that they reduce stress levels, improve mental health and are affordable – 37% of respondents said they enjoy doing activities that are inexpensive.

Jo added, “Maintaining a new interest doesn’t have to cost the earth or take up all of your free time for it to benefit your mental health and overall happiness.”

Whether you only have time for a weekly weekend crafting session or you can set aside time for your crafting hobbies every day, the simple pleasure of making a crafting hobby like scrapbooking can make a huge difference in your routine.

While there are other hobbies you can try, it’s the hands-on nature of arts and crafts that makes them so beneficial – three in five respondents admitted they are happiest when their hobbies involve to use their hands.

A total of 53% of survey participants said they wanted to take up a new hobby, so why not try one of these classic crafts and historic hobbies?


1 Gardening

2 Bake/make bread

3 puzzles

4 Birdwatching

5 Play board and card games

6 Growing Food

seven Knitting

At some point, every crafter will try to learn to knit – some will make it a lifelong hobby and some will try it for a project. If you haven’t tried knitting yet or need a recap, check out our beginner’s guide to knitting and browse our best knitting kits that make great gifts.

8 coloring books

Express your inner artistry with a little coloring. Choosing colors and following patterns is very therapeutic. Here’s what you need to know about adult coloring.

9 Sewing

Thanks to shows like The Great British Sewing Bee, sewing continues to be a popular craft. We have plenty of free tutorials to try if you feel like starting a sewing project.

10 Collection of records

11 Cross Stitch

A form of embroidery, cross stitch is a relaxing craft that is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. If you fancy trying out this classic craft hobby, check out our best cross stitch kits.

12 Philately

13 Numismatics

14 Modeling

15 Painting watercolors

If you love painting but don’t know where to start, watercolor is great for beginners. Find out more about it in our beginner’s guide to watercolor painting with expert tips. You can also try a paint-by-numbers kit.

16 Crochet

A yarn craft that’s always in style, crochet is a craft that requires minimal craft supplies – a ball of yarn and a hook and you can make anything from a granny square blanket classic to interior decoration. Try crocheting for yourself with our beginner’s guide, then treat yourself to a new crochet book.

17 Embroidery

One of the most versatile stitch crafts, you can use embroidery to embellish many different projects, from making clothes to interiors. Discover the basics of embroidery in our guide and learn how to make 16 essential embroidery stitches.

18 Computer programming

19 Candle making
Lighting candles is a soothing way to unwind – making your own is just as satisfying. You can make your own by following these five easy steps or start with a candle making kit.

20 Scrapbooking

Taking the humble photo album to new heights, scrapbooking is a wonderful way to record your memories and share them with family members. Learn more about scrapbooking with our scrapbooking ideas for beginners.

21 Woodworking

22 Flower arrangement
You don’t have to go to a craft shop to try flower arranging. Follow our top tips for arranging flowers in a vase.

23 model railways

24 Sweet Confection

25 Cheese factory

Start crafting with Prima! From crafting tutorials to kits perfect for beginners, find all the inspiration and guidance you need!

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