New sewing and needlecraft store opening in Belfast

BELFAST — Even in these difficult times, entrepreneurs will step forward and make things happen. In Belfast, a few new businesses have opened despite the uncertain retail environment, and Julz Makes is one of them, according to a press release from the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce.

Occupying the end of the Beaver Street Courtyard row beneath the Belfast Opera House, the new sewing and needlecraft craft store seeks to fill a need for sewing and knitting supplies, with Done Roving Yarns based in Maine, and technique lessons while making the most of today’s sewing methods and machines. The store faces the Beaver Street parking lot so customers can be sure they have a spot, the Chamber said.

In-person and ZOOM classes have started at the store. Owner Julie Larrabee is assisted in the store by her mother, Janet McKenney, who also contributes to the craft items she makes, such as masks for these COVID times!. His daughter Cassie often helps, making the business a real family affair.

“I have always been a designer, from learning to crochet in elementary school, through sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, managing and teaching sewing, to designing. learning basic knitting, spinning and jewelry making,” Julie said. “Being creative is what has been my escape. After years of working in the corporate world, everything fell into place for her to pursue her love of crafting, sharing and teaching with people. others.

She continued, “I am honored and thrilled to serve the region, and look forward to meeting new faces, making new friends, and sparking creativity for fiber arts!”

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