Moncrieff: Nine peculiar knitting patterns to wrap your head around


Have you ever dreamed of crocheting a crotch and embroidering an erogenous zone? Coming soon on today’s show, Séan will chat with a naughty knitter, all about his stitch pattern book Knit your own Kama Sutra.

craft queen Geraldine Warnerwho goes by the name of Trixie von Purl, has published her book of twelve erotic knitting patterns, filled with chevrons and garter stitches.

Seán will learn all about how knitting can help couples get on and off today at 2:45 p.m., and you’ll listen live here:

Trixie von Purl’s outrageous patterns are part of a knitting renaissance, taking the internet by storm. And Knit your own Kama Sutra, although you wouldn’t expect it to be transmitted at your local ICA meeting, is part of a growing trend of unusual patterns. So here are eight weird things to get your knitting needles out of…



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[Image: Facebook/ WTF KNITS]


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