Mary Thomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns by Mary Thomas, Paperback

This book contains the fruits of centuries of knitting experience and invention and is probably the best manual of knitting patterns ever written. As you turn its pages, you’ll see the patterns go from the simplest to the most elaborate. You will find it to be the best arrangement for teaching purposes as well as a demonstration of the orderly and scientific methods on which the knitting patterns are based. You will be amazed at the sheer beauty and variety of these patterns, and you will realize the potential of knitting, in experienced hands, as one of the finest crafts.
The author starts with the basics, with the distinction between the knit and reverse sides of the fabric and the use of simple black and white grids to present the patterns. She then introduces a new pattern or design in each chapter. Graphs, diagrams and photographs are used liberally with the text to illustrate each design and the steps in creating each, with special symbols to indicate critical points, so you can guard against mistakes. Patterns range from criss-cross and criss-cross patterns, slip stitch patterns, eyelet patterns, fagot and lace fagot stitch, bias binding, lace knit, raised patterns and patterns, medallion knit, knit picot stitch and net lace. The final chapters are devoted to seamless garments and accessories, modern garments, and increasing and decreasing ornamental uses. There are lists of French and German knitting terms and a texture index.
Careful attention is paid throughout to explaining the how and why of each pattern, as well as the properties of each in terms of horizontal and vertical stretch so that pattern selection can be made as conveniently as possible. aesthetic. The beginner will find in this book an excellent guide and instruction manual, and the experienced knitter will find an almost inexhaustible encyclopedia of patterns, methods and suggestions.

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