Links to new chemo cap designs

If you’ve been doing chemo caps with me for the past few years and are fed up with the standard models we use, I’ve got some good news. Here are links to models that I haven’t shared with you before. I have crochet and knitting patterns so take your pick and enjoy.

The chemo caps this year seem to come in the colors of the southwest.  We have 33 so far, but we need a lot more.

Hope to visit Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Bernards Basking Ridge section this week or next. If you have any hats that you would like me to include in this delivery, contact us immediately.

Knitted chemo hats patterns:

This wonder cap was probably inspired by Wonder Woman, but for me it has a patriotic flavor that fits July 4th pretty well. The pattern can be downloaded for free on Ravelry. Find out: If all you are doing is crochet, we also have a wonderful hat for you, below.

This Bucket hat sun hat looks crocheted, but it’s not. It looks comfortable and the sun hats are perfect during the summer months:

This Knit Newsboy Hat is knitted in super chunky yarn, so it might be too hot for summer, but it’s a stylish hat with an attitude. And it’s considered an easy project. Maybe a good late summer or fall project. The pattern contains instructions for fingerless mittens.

Tracy withanee Beach hat seems to me to be inspired by oyster shells. It would be a good accessory for the beach as well as a chemo cap. This is a free download from chemo hat patterns:

Crocheted wonder woman cap is the only one with a price that I’m tied to. I am sharing the link with you only because I shared a link to the Wonder Hat Pattern for Knitting, which was free. I have no control over the availability of models and their prices. Go to if you want to buy the boss.

If you like the mobius hats we knitted last year and this one, but need a crochet version, check out Rebecca Epp’s free pattern at The cat copies hat. This is very cute.

If you like double crochet, take a look at this Basic hat with a bow, another download from Ravelry. This one, however, comes from a designer with his own website, where you can also get the template for free:

And here is my favorite crochet hat right now: the African Flower Hat by Robin Chachula. For me, it’s a hat full of African violets, and it’s rated “confident beginner”. It’s a free download from Annie’s website, and it’s one of the models that Halos of Hope recently shared. or

pattern_id = 178 & series = 2 & source = rvlry

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