Liam’s motives came out of the press, literally

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Local fashion brand Liam’s popular clothing line paper patterns offers people the opportunity to recreate his creations at home, to keep them and to pass them on.

To help usher in his new collection, available from today, Liam has taken his commitment to slow and sustainable fashion to a new level with his aptly named “high press output operation”sourcing waste paper from NZME newspaper reels to print his designs.

These ends of rolls are part of the print production process and often have unusable paper drop lengths, with the brand now using 50-60 meters of each roll of newsprint at the end of the roll.

From the same printers that print Long liveit’s a comprehensive solution that Liam’s Managing Director, Emily Miller-Sharma, has been working on for several months, working closely with the Long live team and NZME to help facilitate this exciting new approach to circularity, providing the perfect opportunity to give waste paper another life.

In a message to her community, Emily says the trip was based on genuine curiosity and a chain of events.

“I contacted Long live NZME’s creative director Dan Ahwa with an email: “Just a random question… Do you know who would be a good person to contact on your end about what you do for newsprint?” I really, really, really want to continue using paper made in New Zealand, and I’m not ready to give up on that dream! Any idea or connection much appreciated. Dan put me in touch with Matt Wilson, the COO of NZME, who was incredibly generous in inviting my winger LP Briar to visit the NZME print shop.”

A Liam Patterns dress makes a visit to the print shop in Ellerslie, Auckland. Photo / Supplied.

“This partnership shows how, if we collaborate across industries, we can keep raw materials at the highest possible value for longer,” she explains. “We use NZME’s leftover paper, reducing waste and raw material production.”

“The potential of this collaboration is enormous. Most of the apparel industry that makes things in New Zealand (whether sample or bulk production) uses newsprint. For example, at Ruby we use it when cutting swatches, to print markers that our cutters lay on layers of fabric to reduce bulk production. How much additional waste can we divert? And what might be the overall drop in demand for new production?”

It’s a circular moment in many forms, as Emily explains on today’s show Viva Talks podcast how, as a teenager, she cut out patterns from old newspapers to create her own clothes.

Helping to reduce this waste, the partnership between NZME and Liam puts opportunities for sourced and locally made products at the forefront of our local fashion offering.

The number of allocated coil ends is set aside for Liam Patterns’ print facility at Ellar Graphics for production. The new Liam Patterns Collection is $35-$60, with downloadable PDF patterns for $20.

As seen in today’s weekly issue, you can also download the Liam Patterns bucket hat here. Styles range from sizes 4 to 28. Available today at all Ruby stores and online at and

Tune in to our Viva Talks podcast for this week’s episode with special guest Emily Miller-Sharma of Liam to talk about this exciting new recycling development for the brand.

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