Learn how to make 6 crafts with the My Modern Met Maker series

Calling all artisans! Those who love creative DIY projects know that doing something with their own hands is so satisfying. And now that it’s colder outside, it’s a great time to warm up inside and experiment with your art materials. To help you get started with new projects, My Modern Met is releasing its DIY video series, My creator of modern dishes, on the occasion of Craft Week (September 30 – October 10).

the My creator of modern dishes the series will allow you to create all week. This first season spans six daily episodes, four of which focus on working with polymer clay and two bonus projects using other mediums. By the end of the series, viewers will have the knowledge and skills to make ombre polymer clay earrings, a faux marble ring plate, faux jade earrings, a polymer clay sweater keychain, a resin courtesy tray, and one macrame plant holder.

Colorado artist Lacey Walker (of Rebel Unicorn Crafts) is the My creator of modern dishes host. Like a modern Bob Ross at crafts, Lacey has a fun and adaptable approach to teaching. In each video, she walks you through each step of creating your DIY, revealing how fun and simple it can be. Lacey encourages everyone to get into the craft, regardless of their skill level.

Want to get started ? Before doing so, be sure to watch the My Modern Met Safety Video first. It describes everything you need to know about the materials you’ll be using and how to protect your hair, skin, eyes, and respiratory system, as well as tips on general well-being while you work.

Watch the My creator of modern dishes trailer below and watch the rest of the series on Youtube. A new episode will be released daily (weekdays), from October 1 to 8, 2021.

Presentation of the beginnings of the My creator of modern dishes series! Learn to do crafts at home.

My modern weather creator: Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | TIC Tac | Pinterest
Lacey Walker: Website | Youtube | TIC Tac | Instagram

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