Knitting patterns on the theme of the book

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Enter Book Riot’s new book

Most of these designs are available as a PDF download and list recommended yarns that you can buy from the site or search online, and I think personalizing these projects with colors that echo the cover or the vibe of a book could be a great creative exercise!

Knit Book Jacket

Keep your books warm and toasty with this knit book jacket, featuring an adorable pocket for your bookmark or annotator pen.

Anne Shirley Puff Sleeve Top

Adopt ‘Anne with an e’ and dreamy puff sleeves in this fashioned knit top.

Katniss hood

Whether you’re taking part in the Hunger Games or just trying to stay warm, this Katniss-inspired hoodie is sure to make a statement.

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the foreigner fans will love this shawl which is perfect for repelling the thrills of Scotland while leading your time travel romance.

Mrs. Fitz’s Mittens

For a smaller one the foreigner project, try this modern take on Ms. Fitz’s mittens, with colors inspired by the book-based TV series.

A wrinkle in time Shawl

The colors of this shawl are gorgeous, but I think it could also look great with black and dark blue threads that pay homage to the “dark stormy night” at the start of the book.

Secret Garden Shawl

Wrap yourself in your own Secret garden with this vibrant and delicate shawl with a leaf and vine pattern.

Gryffindor scarf

If you’re new to knitting, this easy scarf pattern is a great first project. Swap colors to personalize it to your Hogwarts house!

Hogwarts Houses Hats

Ready for a more complicated Harry potter project? Check out these hat designs… how adorable is this badger ?!

The Wuthering Heights Sweater

There is no law that says you can’t stay warm AND look good by wandering the moors thinking about your lost love.

Bella’s mittens

If the next Midnight Sun the outing makes you remember all things Dusk, why not knit a pair of these mittens? Inspired by Bella Swan, they’ll keep your hands warm as you explore your vampire / werewolf love triangle.

Capelet of the woods

This adorable little cape strikes me as exactly the sort of thing Emma, ​​or maybe one of the March sisters, would use to dress up an outfit.

Hope one of these designs inspired you to pick up your knitting needles and create something awesome!

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