Knitting Network releases free patterns to keep people active at home during lockdown

A company providing knitting and crochet supplies has released free materials to help people stay busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sittingbourne-based Knitting Network, co-owned by Iwade resident Amy Last, has released various patterns for people following government guidelines.

An example of some work

The majority of the firm’s clientele are women over the age of 55, but most are elderly.

Demand has reached such a point that bosses had to temporarily cut phone lines yesterday in an attempt to cope.

Shipping has also been affected by skyrocketing Royal Mail charges for postage to other countries, due to a lack of air travel.

Miss Last said: “We’ve seen a huge increase in order volume.

“Part of this spike is due to the fact that our customers are 55+ and the majority are a bit older.

Knitting Network is based at Eurolink, near Sittingbourne
Knitting Network is based at Eurolink, near Sittingbourne

“They stay home and they have a lot of free time and they want to knit.

“We had a lot of future grandmothers tell us that they wanted to knit something to send to their grandchild because they couldn’t meet them.

“Knitting is a labor of love. It’s a gesture of love and we’ve had quite a few people miss meeting their grandkids for the first time.”

A crochet and knit has also been set up on the company’s Facebook page for people to join in and keep them in touch with each other.

“It helps them. It’s not good for anyone to be inside and feel completely alone with nothing to do,” Miss Last added.

Amy Last
Amy Last

“You get that sense of community when you watch what knitters and crocheters do.

“It’s just something nice.”

Due to the increase in demand, the company was able to hire a number of temporary workers who have already lost their jobs.

To participate in Knitting Network’s fun search on Facebook.

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