Hypernatural® launches eco-friendly luxury apparel backed by exclusive materials

ELM GROVE, Wis. – October 19, 2022 – Hypernatural®, the eco-luxury menswear brand Made Better by Nature®, today announced the launch of its one-of-a-kind apparel made from naturally performing materials free of virgin polyester, plastics, chemical dyes or chemicals harmful to petroleum. Hypernatural relies on sustainable materials such as jade stone and crab shells, blended with the world’s finest cotton, Supima®, to deliver super soft garments that are especially cool to the touch and odorless. Plus, Hypernatural relies on the world’s only 100% recycled spandex, Creora® Regen, for comfort and movement.

Hypernatural naturally comfortable clothing will hit the US market in the spring of 2023.

“It took two years of development at the raw fiber level for Hypernatural to create a better alternative to staple polyester and cotton, which are typically blended into knitted garments,” said Chris Kolbe, co-founder of Hypernatural. . “You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to know what you’re wearing. Refineries have no place in the garment industry; polyester is not the future of fashion, it is nature.

Hypernatural’s goal is to use only naturally regenerative materials and dyes. Today we are reducing our ecological impact with what is available, recognizing that the company needs to do more over the next 2-3 years to help reduce carbon.

“Sustainability starts at the source, which means, whenever possible, using only natural, renewable and biodegradable fibers,” said Christian Arkins, co-founder of Hypernatural. “Currently, at least 45% of Hypernatural’s materials come from recycled or reclaimed sources such as jade stone and seafood scraps. We use leftover cotton yarn scraps from mills to make our own Hyper-threads, instead of using wood pulp from trees which can promote deforestation.

Hyper – material facts

  • 0% virgin polyester
  • 0% harmful chemical dyes
  • 95% biodegradable
  • 100% recycled elastane
  • Certified OEKO-TEXT 100
  • bluesign® Approved Stains

“Some retailers we work with call Hypernatural the ‘Tesla of polo shirts’. Our goal is to provide modern comfort, traditional quality with natural performance. We see nature as the ultimate new luxury,” said Kolbe.

Hypernatural shirts feature a magpie logo as a totem, signaling that a new breed of luxury has arrived. Hypernatural polo shirts have been tested and proven effective over several days of use, as they resist odors and require less washing, which extends their life.

“Cheap and dirty, disposable plastic/polyester clothing needs to go. It’s the antithesis of luxury,” Arkins said.

“Hypernatural’s standards for durability and quality are higher than most. The designs are meant to be simple, versatile and the most comfortable pieces in any man’s wardrobe. Whether work meets golf, the boat to dinner, or a 48-hour getaway, it makes sense that people want to look smart and feel comfortable wherever life takes them,” Kolbe said.

Hyper – Material Ingredients

  • Supima® Cotton – The softest and strongest cotton in the world. Inherently softer and more luxurious thanks to its extra-long staple fiber. The fiber length produces smoother, cleaner yarns that result in a softer, more breathable fabric that resists pilling.
  • Hyper-Cool Jade® – Naturally Cooling Jade Stone helps lower skin temperature by up to 5 degrees by absorbing heat and dynamically evaporating moisture, while enhancing your skin’s natural ability to cool itself by continued. Jade offers wellness benefits, such as increased blood circulation and reduced swelling.
  • Hyper-Chitin® – Chitin is a biopolymer extracted primarily from crab and shrimp shell food waste. Antibacterial / Odor resistant, moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, promotes skin regeneration and healing.
  • Creora® Regen Spandex – The only 100% recycled spandex in the world. Requires ⅔ less energy to produce than virgin spandex.
  • Mother of pearl buttons – 100% natural (no plastic) Cool to the touch, beautiful natural color and imperfections. Stronger, more durable – lasts longer than plastic knobs.

Posted: October 20, 2022

Source: Hypernatural®

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