Holiday Gifts: Knit Scarf Patterns That Save Sanity


I love the Hitchhiker scarf. I wear this one all the time, and I knit myself a second one in shades of blue. Let’s hear him out for selfish knitting!

(Mary Mooney/staff)

I love scarves. Wear them, make them, pass them on to others. In our mild Pacific Northwest climate, scarves provide just the right touch of warmth, a much-needed pop of color in gray weather, and are a quick, beautiful project that fits any budget.

From a craftsman’s point of view, scarves make unbeatable gifts. First and foremost there is variety: there are tens of thousands of designs to choose from – nearly 40,000 on Ravelry to date – at every skill level imaginable. These are thankfully portable projects, a boon for those of us working on TriMet, in meetings, in cafes and in airports. And they’re useful, because chances are pretty much every human you’ll be knitting for will have a neck.

There’s more: scarves are easy to trim. Make them about 6-8 inches wide and about as long as the recipient is tall, and you’re good to go. Not sure about the color? Choose a neutral. Do you have a tight manufacturing deadline for the holidays? Choose a pattern that calls for a heavier yarn and have it out in a few days.

Below, I’ve rounded up a dozen of my favorite scarf designs. If you’re stuck for a holiday gift – or just need something nice for yourself – pick one up, buy yourself a scarf quantity of the softest yarn you can find – two of my favorites of all times are Herriot from Juniper Moon Farm and anything by Toots LeBlanc — and go up. In this harsh world, who couldn’t use a nice soft scarf? Check out these:

  • Short Feather and Fan Scarf
  • Alexandra’s Plane Scarf
  • Quaker Yarn Stretcher Rectangle

Doesn’t this list make you want to start knitting scarves right away? And give them to the poor souls hanging around in machine-knit scarves, who might as well be carrying signs saying “Nobody Loves Me”?

what your favorite scarf pattern?

-Mary Mooney
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