Here’s why colorful craftsmanship has popped up in Holt

A COMMUNITY group in Wrexham produced an explosion of color to bring a smile into people’s lives.

Originally planned to be part of the Wales in Bloom 2020 campaign, the Holt Knit and Natter group have successfully produced a yarn mural which is now on display in Church Street.

The group Holt’s Knit and Natter made a colorful mural out of yarn

Yarn Bombing is recognized as a form of street art that uses colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibers rather than paint or chalk.

Members started teaching people how to knit and crochet, then it became a gathering of many different talented women, sharing, helping, listening.

The leader:

The group grew into a strong friendship bringing together people of all ages and skill levels.

Sandie Taylor, one of the founders, said: “As the lockdown hit, it became clear that we weren’t a knitting group, but a solidarity of women helping each other. We keep in touch with text videos and the occasional remote cup of coffee in the garden.

The leader:

“It has strengthened our simple knitting group and made them more committed to passing on our skills passed down from generation to generation. We hope our simple knitting project will inspire people, make people smile, and light up this dark time.”

The mural features a myriad of different knitted flowers, smiling suns, stars, bees and rainbows – the global image of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic and a symbol of support for the people wishing to show solidarity with the NHS and key workers on the front line.

The group created more knitted rainbows all over the village, on seats and above a specially created flower bed and lifted the spirits of all who see them.

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