Great-great-grandmother sets up ‘Knittingale’ hospital to raise money for the NHS

By Sam Russell, Pennsylvania

A great-great-grandmother spent three months knitting a model hospital called Knittingale to raise money for the NHS.

Margaret Seaman, 91, used 34 balls of yarn to make the masterpiece in the bungalow she shares with her 72-year-old daughter, Tricia Wilson, in Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

She knitted 59 figurines to fit inside the hospital, including doctors, nurses and patients, and they took her two hours each to make.

The model also includes four rooms, an A&E department, an x-ray unit, a fracture clinic, a cafe, a helicopter landing pad, parking and flower beds.

She displayed the completed model at a venue in Norwich on Thursday to see what it looks like before it goes on display at a craft festival next year.

Ms Seaman has already made models of the Queen’s Sandringham House and Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile in its heyday.

‘I wondered what we could do to help when we went into lockdown and thought why not knit a hospital which will raise money for three of our local hospitals, one in King’s Lynn, one in Norwich, one in Great Yarmouth,” Ms Marin said.

“It was a lot harder than the bigger things I’ve done like Sandringham.

“Big buildings are easier to make than small things like beds and small people.

“I’m not planning anything.

“I do it as I go along and it comes to mind.

“It’s nice to see it set up properly.”

She said she wanted to raise money for the NHS to “say thank you for everyone”.

“I always knitted a certain amount but went years without when I had younger children, but started again after losing my husband,” she added.

“I joined a knitting group and started over and it went from there.”

Ms Seaman has raised over £3,600 to be shared between three hospitals in Norfolk.

The model will be showcased at the Norfolk Makers Festival at the Norwich Forum in February 2021, with a new JustGiving page to be set up to raise additional funds for the NHS.


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