Galloway woman’s African crafts stall helps house elderly Kenyan woman

A Galloway woman’s African craft stall at a Creetown cooperative helped house an elderly woman in Kenya.

Ann Todd runs her retail space at Barholm Arts and Crafts for the benefit of the Project Nakuru anti-poverty campaign, founded by Creetown man Eddie McGaw.

The colorful jewelry, beads and bags on display are all handcrafted from reclaimed and recycled plastic and paper.

All the material for their manufacture by local artisans is collected at a giant landfill in Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city.

The main objective of the Nakuru project is to improve the lives of children and families in one of the poorest urban neighborhoods in the country.

Ann was recently informed of an emergency involving Morraa, an elderly woman who became homeless due to the flooding.

And thanks to sales of Kenyan-made products at Barholm, Morraa now has a new home.

Morraa’s house in Nakuru was destroyed by flooding

Ann said: “We were able to provide support to help complete a new home for Morraa.

“Hopefully this week the builders will be able to do the work necessary to complete the house.

“This will allow Morraa to move into her new home which will be safe and dry.”

Ann first moved to Barholm thinking it would only be for a few months.

Two years later, his African counter is still going strong thanks to an arrangement with the group of artists who manage it.

Ann said, “They are perfectly happy that I continue to have crafts in the store and I volunteer there two or three days a month in return.

“All the money from the sale of crafts is reinvested to support our projects in Nakuru. “

Ann also raises money for the Kenya Aid program through yard sales and knitting items for sale.

She added: “The support we receive from everyone involved in our projects helps change lives, not always in a big way, but hopefully making things better for the better.

“The women, children and families we help live with nothing. “

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