Free Aran Patterns for Kids

This week I started posting links to free patterns for Aran sweaters. These are cardigans and sweaters that have intricate twists and textures, similar to a style that developed on the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. They’re fun to knit and a lot easier than a lot of people think, and every time I cover a St. Patrick’s Day parade for I see lots of beautiful Aran sweaters in the crowd and on walkers in the parade.

If you’re a good knitter and want to knit something quick for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in your town, you might want to knit something with bulky yarn. Plus, bulky yarn is so hot! You may be able to wear your sweater without a coat.

Lion Brand Yarns has a a whole family of patterns for children and their parents in chunky threads which may be exactly what you need. has another collection of Aran sweaters for the whole family, this time in worsted wool from Patons. These instructions give you the option of adding a hood.

In both of these collections, the sweaters mostly have single cord-like cables, either with twists of two strands or braided with three strands. If you’re looking for something fancier for your child, like diamonds, honeycombs, or fishnets, Drops/Garnstudio (Dale of Norway) has some great options.

This children’s sweater has a lattice in the central flapl, and the sleeves are all made of Irish moss or moss stitch. I can’t tell from the photo. If you find wiring difficult, you may like to have sleeves without cables. Or, if you’re like me, you could stick some cables in there. Garnstudio, also has that baby sweater with the same stitches.

Another Garnstudio choice for your child could be this sweater with central honeycomb insert and cables on the sleeves. It’s a shoulder pad sweater with a more relaxed fit than the one I showed yesterday. I like it.

This Carol May-designed heart sweater has stood the test of time.

This cute little model for girls, designed almost 20 years ago by Carol May, has a central panel of hearts, surrounded by cables and textures, and a matching tam. If you want to knit for a boy and don’t want hearts, you could probably find a diamond stitch pattern to replace in that center panel. I think it’s cool that something designed in 11997 is still fresh and current today. That’s how it is with Aran’s fisherman’s sweaters.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some Aran poncho patterns that you can wear in a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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