Former instructor at Georgian College in Ottawa as spokesperson for Freedom Convoy

A former Georgian College instructor is now at the center of the group known as the Freedom Convoy protesting vaccination mandates in Ottawa.

Tom Marazzo was seen on video calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and demanding negotiations with the government.

“Let’s go to a table, for God’s sake. Quite hidden.

Marazzo made the controversial comments on Monday night while promising to stay as long as necessary.

“Based on all the support we have from Canadians, I have incredible support and a lot of people seem to want me here, and I’m not going home until the job is done” , said Marazzo. .

The group has occupied downtown Ottawa for nearly two weeks.

According to his website, Marazzo is a member of the group Police on Guard for Thee. Its mission statement reads in part: “To repair and regain public trust that is damaged and lost due to the enforcement of emergency measures.

Marazzo’s credentials list 25 years in the Canadian Army as a captain.

A self-described military engineer, Marazzo most recently served as a computer science instructor at Georgian College, teaching software development for two years until September 2021.

Georgian confirmed to CTV News that Marazzo is no longer an employee of the university, but no details were provided.

Georgia’s vaccination policy went into effect on September 7.

“Don’t force them to get a shot,” he said Monday night of the vaccination mandates. “Let them decide for themselves.”

“I know they are hiding the risks. They know they are hiding the risks. Let the public know. Let the public know what the risks are and let them make a free choice, which is their constitutional right to do so. “, Marazzo continued.

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CTV News’ attempts to reach Tom Marazzo for comment were unsuccessful.

The biography on Marazzo’s personal YouTube page reads, “I used to teach programming at a college in Ontario, but was recently fired for being an organic person on the loose.”

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