Fireball erupts over Stoke-on-Trent estate as driving instructor’s car is set on fire

Neighbors have spoken of their shock after watching a driving instructor’s car go up in flames helplessly.

The vehicle quickly turned into a ball of fire when the fire broke out around 9.45pm on Sunday November 21.

Staffordshire Police and the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service cordoned off part of Wellfield Road, Bentilee, as firefighters battled the flames. The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed, although it was likely arson.

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The driving instructor and his family declined to speak to StokeonTrentLive. The burnt remains of the vehicle were all that was left on the road yesterday.

Neighbors reported hearing two explosions.

Martin Powell, 55, said: “The car was on fire when I looked outside. There were two explosions. I was surprised.

The car was covered in a plume of smoke

“My car was nearby and it could have caught fire too.”

Anthony Walker only became aware of the fire when he saw ‘flashing blue lights’ and opened his front door to take a look.

The 67-year-old added: “It was a big fire and we were very shocked to see it. I saw the fire truck. We didn’t know until they came and that we saw the flashing blue lights.

“I saw the flames and I was like ‘oh my God’. It was fierce and intense.

The aftermath of the fire

“It’s shocking that someone would do something like this. I’ve never seen a car like this before. There were explosions too.”

It is understood CCTV footage emerged of ‘suspicious people in hoodies’ at the time of the fire on Sunday evening.

StokeonTrentLive has contacted Staffordshire Police and the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for statements following the incidents.

Anyone with information about the fire should call the police on 101.

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