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PLATSBURGH – Upstone Materials is literally the foundation of the North Country.

“We supply stone, hot asphalt and ready-mixed concrete to contractors across the region who build roads, homes, schools, hospitals,” said Regional Director Doug Henry. “Anything that needs to be built, we provide the materials to make it easier. ”


To achieve this, Upstone passes natural materials through processes.

Henry said the industry has the stigma of being “gross” and “dirty”.

“He’s not getting enough credit,” he said.


Opening the eyes of the community, especially the next generation, to Upstone and its processes was one of the reasons Henry attended the recent North Country Manufacturing Day held at the Institute. for Advanced Manufacturing from Clinton Community College.

It attracted nearly 300 high school students from the region interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects.

Henry shared Upstone with them, talking about the company, its security protocols, and its levels of quality control.

It was this last subject that really tied into the science of it all.

“I was trying to expose them at the level of detail that goes into making building products,” Henry said. “There is a tremendous amount of technology and a lot of science and engineering that goes into making concrete or hot mix asphalt or even stone.”


Upstone employs around 100 people across the region in the height of summer and offers a mix of skilled and unskilled positions.

This includes its “boots in the field” workforce and its quality control workforce, which is responsible for ensuring that the company’s materials meet specifications.

“There are opportunities for people straight out of high school, people who are learning a trade or becoming CDL drivers, or we (Upstone) go to schools like Clarkson University to recruit engineers and other people to fill some jobs. of our technical positions, ”said Henry.

“That’s what makes her beautiful and that’s probably what I love most about my job here: you work with a wide range of people. “


Upstone is passionate about community engagement, said Henry.

Local businesses and businesses also have an obligation to be part of the community, to reach out and let people know what they do, who they employ and what they do,” he said. he declares. “We believe it is our duty to the people in our communities to get involved in things like this and, in particular, when you are talking about young adults or children, where you can get involved and can -be making a difference.

“Maybe you can get someone interested in something and make a career out of it and stay local and raise a family.”

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