Emmerdale’s Weirdest Spinoffs – Successful Music Careers, Knitting Patterns & Cookbooks

The ITV soap opera Emmerdale first aired on October 16, 1972, and over its 49-year history has not only brought us dramatic storylines, but weird and wonderful spinoffs as well.

Many soaps and TV shows have released merchandise over the years, from Coronation Street puzzles to a BBC Sitcom Bread board game.

However, if you wanted a piece of clothing inspired by Emmerdale Farm, or if you wanted to dance with the voices of your favorite characters, the series released spin-offs that had everything an Emmerdale fan could want.

We take a look back at some of the soap-derived items – from line dance albums to Woolpack-inspired cookbooks.

Hillbilly rock, country song from Hillbilly roll

The Woolpackers released a line-dancing song and album in 1996

In the early ’90s, when a line dancing craze swept across the country, Emmerdale decided to join in the fun with her very first country song.

Hillbilly rock, Hillbilly roll was released in November 1996 and proved to be so popular that it reached number 5 on the UK music charts, staying there for over 15 weeks.

Sung by the characters Vic Windsor, Zak Dingle and Terry Woods as group The Woolpackers, the country number even recently featured on the album Now Music, the forgotten 90s hits.

Fans who love a bit of nostalgia even rejoiced that the song would return in 2019, when it was remade for a performance at Zak and Lisa Dingle’s wedding, with Bob Hope as lead singer.

The Woolpackers released the Emmer Dance album containing the song on December 14, 1996, and fans certainly loved it, as it reached No. 25 in the UK top 40 and remained on the charts for eleven weeks.

Line dance CD

A second line dance album followed in 1997
A second line dance album followed in 1997

The love for line dancing didn’t end there, as Emmerdale looked set to follow Hillbilly rock’s hit, Hillbilly roll.

Emmer Dance wasn’t enough and a year later the Woolpackers were back with their follow-up album Line Dance Party.

Even though it wasn’t as successful as their debut album, Line Dance Party still ranks at number 48 on November 29, 1997 and even produced one of the top 40 singles of the same name.

But the question that remains is, with Hillbilly Rock returning, Hillbilly roll in 2019, will it be long before I hear another Emmerdale album hit the music charts again?

Knitting patterns Emmerdale Farm

Fans could knit clothes modeled by their favorite Emmerdale characters
Fans could knit clothes modeled by their favorite Emmerdale characters

If you’ve ever wanted to have an Emmerdale-inspired garment, then the Emmerdale Farm Knitting Pattern Book was all you needed to help you create that perfect item.

Released in 1989, it featured over 23 different knitting patterns inspired by Emmerdale, including jacquard sweaters, hats and tops.

If that wasn’t all, the images of the knitted patterns were also modeled by some of your favorite Emmerdale characters from the ’80s.

Alan Turner’s Emmerdale Cookbook

Woolpack owner Alan Turner even had his own cookbook in the 90s.
Woolpack owner Alan Turner even had his own cookbook in the 90s.

Even Woolpack owner Alan Turner got his own Emmerdale merchandise with Alan Turner’s Emmerdale Cookbook.

Released in 1995, it featured over 190 recipes inspired by Emmerdale, promising the reader the opportunity to “taste the flavors of the countryside”.

It also offered readers a glimpse into the lives of their favorite Emmerdale characters.

That wasn’t all – in 1999 the New Emmerdale Cookbook was released, featuring recipes featured by Marlon Dingle, family favorites Zak Dingle, and cooking from the Sugden Kitchen.

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