Create personalized crafts with your friends in this DIY workshop

TAMPA, Fla.—Looking to get crafty and sip beer or wine? AR Workshop Tampa has you covered.

This DIY workshop has a range of projects to try, including chunky knit blankets and a variety of wood projects. The workshop also offers specialty classes led by local guests, such as creating a charcuterie board, candles or a succulent box.

RA Tampa Workshop

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“We’ve been in business for three and a half years, so we have different types of things,” said Meghan Skelly, owner of AR Workshop Tampa, who also has a background in graphic design. “You don’t have to be crafty to come here…it’s very step by step, so we teach you everything.”

To get started, go to the AR Workshop Tampa website and select a workshop date, project, and design template. Once you arrive at the shop, an instructor will walk you through your craft assembly, including sanding your project, painting or staining your wood, weeding your stencil and applying it to your project, paint over your stencil and remove it carefully. Some projects will even require the use of power tools like a nail gun or drill to complete the assembly, which you’ll get to learn how to use safely.

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RA Tampa Workshop

The workshops last between two and three and a half hours. Guests are allowed to bring their own beer, wine, juice and snacks. Keep in mind that you’ll be working with your hands for most of the workshop, so it’s best to stick to light finger foods.

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AR Workshop is open for workshops throughout the week, as well as team building and private events. Learn more about group events here.

It is also a great place to visit for vacation. “At this time of year when it’s more the holiday season, it’s great to come, especially to hang out with people you want to hang out with,” Skelly said. “It’s also great for you to come in and make a personalized gift for someone you love.”

If you’re not ready to make your own crafts but still want something custom to decorate your home, you can order a custom project they’ll do for you that you can pick up. The workshop also sells pre-made signs, crafts, and jewelry that you can browse.

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RA Tampa Workshop

AR Workshop Tampa is located at 2414 S MacDill Avenue. There are two other AR Workshop locations in Tampa Bay, one in St. Pete and the other in Brandon. To learn more and to find other locations, click here.

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