Coming soon a new book with designs inspired by the show

Outlander Knitting will be available for purchase in October 2020

the foreigner has certainly captured our hearts. It also inspired a lot of content. The last one is Outlander Knit, filled with knitted patterns inspired by the series.

The collector from abroad went to Instagram to share the news that Outlander Knit arrives on the shelves on October 27, 2020. There’s still a bit of time to wait, but you’ll have the bosses in time to start doing something for Christmas. What a great Christmas gift for friends and family!

Now is the time to pre-order your copy. Make sure to mail it out as soon as it’s available.

What you will get in Outlander Knitting

The book contains 20 different models for you to try. There is something for all skill levels, whether you are teaching only those who need something to push them.

There is also something for every wish. Whether you want a beautiful scarf like Claire wears it in the first season or need something for your home decorating, there will be a template in this book. A Mo Chridhe baby blanket will be a win for many, but you can also get Clan MacKenzie book socks or try your hand at a vest like Jamie wears.

Personally, I would like one of the hoods. It’s one of the patterns in the book, so I’m sold, even though I can’t remember how to knit. My grandmother taught me, but I forgot after all these years.

Throughout the book you will also get some beautiful photographs of Scotland and behind the scenes photos to complement the designs. Travel the Highlanders when you cannot physically travel at the moment.

Outlander Knit will be the perfect addition to your books inspired shows and books. The cuisine of the foreigner remains a popular addition for fans.

Which pattern would you knit first? What type of book would you like to see inspired by the show next? Share your opinion in the comments.

Outlander Knit will be heading to the shelves on October 27, 2020.

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