Candyland Crafts has been satisfying sweet cravings for 35 years

BRIDGEWATER, NJ – With over 3,000 molds, Candyland Crafts in Raritan cooks up an endless abundance of sweet treats for Halloween.

Barry Krinsky started out as an engineer and then changed his mode when he started selling to chocolate companies. Then, after selling molds to the previous owners for many years, Krinsky took over their business.

Krinsky moved the business to 44 W Somerset St. in Raritan three years ago and “invigorates” the entire confectionery industry with a long list of classes for children and adults as well as endless supplies.

A favorite family craft is chocolate lollipops which only take a few minutes to complete. Take a sachet of melted chocolate, put it in the microwave for a minute, pour it into a mold and then let it sit in the freezer for five minutes to cool.

“It’s really simple and a great activity for kids,” Krinsky said.

The store also offers cakes, broken hearts, cake pops, cocoa bombs, chocolate bars, chocolate covered Oreos, cookies and more. All items are available for purchase ready to use or supplies are available to make them yourself.

When the pandemic struck, store manager Renee Hambrick said she saw an increase in chocolate sales.

“People are doing a lot more with chocolate,” Hambrick said.

Specifically, in the summer, Hambrick said there were many more children attending summer camp classes, which then led to a boy’s own business.

Classes are especially useful for anyone learning to make their own sweet treats. Classes can be designed for kids or adults with Friday night cupcakes and cocktails, which is BYOB.

Krinsky said they also ran classes for corporate events as part of a team-building experience.

Overall, Krinsky said it provides family fun and a way for others to share a hobby together.

For more information on Candyland’s crafts and classes, visit Where

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