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The pleasures of knitting or crocheting can quickly be cut short by a tangle of yarns, racing yarn, or missing cuts. To help make your creative sessions frustration-free, it’s worth investing in a bag of yarn to keep all of your supplies tidy. A good quality bag will also extend the life of your tools and materials by protecting the needles and keeping the thread free from dust. Whether you’re a home knitter or constantly on the go with your skeins, our selections will help you better manage all of your gear.

1. Craftiss knitting bag

Lightweight, structured and well-designed, this bag checks all of our boxes. It decompresses to reveal a large well with a divider, which you can leave or remove if you prefer a large space. The slits on the top provide a convenient way to separate and use the thread when the bag is closed. We love the feel of the cotton canvas and appreciate the size: the bag is not bulky, but it has enough space and a variety of pockets to store needles, scissors and other tools. This bag is also comfortable to carry, whether over your shoulder thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap or via the sturdy handle.

To buy:
Craftiss knitting bag

$ 27.99

2. Homest Yarn Storage Tote

This is a stylish and smartly designed drawstring tote. Available in three solid colors and two prints (a vibrant vegetable pattern or a gold and white zigzag), it stores a lot of thread and tools. The center drum has a waterproof liner for easy cleaning. There are six interior pockets to keep the individual skeins in place, with room for additional skeins. There are also six side holes with eyelets for thread feeding and eight slim pockets on the outside, perfect for needles, hooks and more. This is a larger bag than our Craftiss pick, which is great if you’re using bulky yarn, but it’s not the most comfortable tote to carry around all day.

To buy:
Homest Yarn Storage Tote

$ 25.99

3. Miles Kimball Knit Tote Bag

You’ll always know what’s inside this spacious bag, which is made of clear plastic with polyester finishes. It has three zippered pockets each that can hold about two skeins of yarn, with six holes for threading the strands. The side pockets, also transparent, are large enough to store not only needles but also pattern notebooks and small projects. The material is slightly stiff and likely to wear out faster than premium fabrics, but it’s still a great budget choice that should serve you until you’re ready to upgrade.

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Miles Kimball Knit Tote Bag

4. ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy

If your favorite place to knit is at home, curled up in an armchair, you might like this option, which looks like a magazine rack. It consists of a polyester canvas well supported by metal tubes and has enough room to slip half a dozen skeins of yarn into it. Keep all of your needles upright in the included tool roll, which snaps and drapes over one side of the frame; on the other, find a zipped pocket with three slots for accessories. This cart doesn’t have handles to carry it around, but it’s a sturdy and slim way to store all of your materials around the house.

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ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy

5. Creativity Street Yarn Tote

This practical cylindrical bag can handle a lot of yarn. Made from nylon, it unzips to reveal a single compartment that can hold a fair amount of skeins. To knit on the go without worrying about a ball of yarn rolling, simply thread individual strands of yarn through rubber-reinforced openings on the top, designed to prevent the yarn from slipping into the tote. Store accessories in exterior mesh pockets for quick access, or store them in the separate small pouch, which attaches directly to the adjustable strap so you can’t leave them behind.

To buy:
Creativity Street Tote Bag

$ 19.99

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