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Do you like to knit? Are you always looking for new projects and interesting options? A good source is the Knitting Pattern Books, which contain a wealth of challenging projects featuring a full range of stitches and skill levels. Most include an introduction to basic knitting skills and materials, with clear and concise instructions teaching a variety of construction stitches and steps. Some also include tips for designing your own knitted pieces. These books are great references even when you are working on other projects like beautiful handmade gifts. Knit chic clothes and fun toys by following these wonderful knitting patterns.

1. Seamless knit sweaters in 2 weeks: 20 designs for crisp cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts and more

Knit the perfect sweater quickly with one of these many stunning sweater designs. Each sweater is a snap to make. Sweater patterns include material charts, stitch abbreviations, step-by-step instructions for determining the perfect size for your sweater, clear written instructions, beautiful photographs of key steps and illustrations. Also included are basic instructions for beginners, tips for selecting the perfect yarn, and guidelines for determining the size of the sweater by taking precise measurements. Perfect for those who are intimidated by knitting clothes, these sweaters not only fit, but they’re comfy and look great.

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Seamless sweaters in 2 weeks: 20 models…

$ 21.99

2. Knitted animal friends

Create 12 adorable stuffed animals, from cats and horses to hedgehogs, using easy-to-follow instructions and templates. Animals have the same basic pattern for their body, arms, and legs, with slight variations in color and detail for each animal. Heads and tails vary, and building directions are a snap for the different end animals. Clothing and accessories are interchangeable for endless wardrobe possibilities. Photos of each step are included with clear and concise written instructions. Animals are easy for intermediate knitters; beginners will learn skills for making human-sized clothes by knitting tiny clothes for these creatures. The finished dolls are 16 inches tall, perfect for carrying, cuddling, and endless hours of play.

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Knitted animal friends

$ 20.49

3.400 knitting stitches: a complete dictionary of essential stitch patterns

This excellent book has a full line of patterns for beginner to intermediate to advanced knitters. The designs are organized into eight types of stitches, including purl, cables, lace, doubles, cables and flaps. In each section, the points and skills build on each other. Each point is clearly drawn with written instructions and color photos. Select one point per session, then go to the next; students will quickly master strong knitting skills from this book. Educators can work one-on-one with students to determine their skill level and interests, identifying the point and project that is right for them. Find the perfect knitting pattern for each of your students in the pages of this encyclopedic book.

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400 knitting stitches: a complete dictionary of …

$ 16.59

4. Knit shawls and scarves in 1 week: 30 quick patterns to keep you warm in style

Want to make a beautiful handmade gift in a jiffy? Maybe you just want a project that won’t take long to complete. This book features beautiful hoods, shawls, capes and wraps for every season that only require minimal time. Beautiful photographs, thread recommendations, material and stitch tables, and illustrations accompany the detailed written models. The patterns are easy to remember for faster knitting, but there is enough variation that you won’t get bored. A pleasure to knit, these patterns offer captivating projects for a range of skill levels: from advanced beginners to seasoned pros. Take your time knitting the pieces or, as an added bonus, complete one of these gorgeous garments in a week.

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Knit shawls and scarves in 1 week: 30 quick patterns …

$ 15.99

5. Japanese knitting stitch bible: 260 exquisite patterns by Hitomi Shida

This book is every avid knitter’s dream: hundreds of imaginative patterns from famous Japanese designer Hitomi Shida. Each model has detailed graphics with symbols representing each point. Reference photos and key illustrations for intricate and unusual stitch combinations ensure you’re on the right track every step of the way. Ideal for knitters who like to work from charts, the patterns in this book don’t include row-by-row written instructions. The introductory sections cover the basics, including how to identify symbols and select wires. The patterns include a range of intricate stitches: twists, borders, twists, popcorn and cross stitches. Experienced knitters looking to learn new and unusual stitches will find their next knitting adventure in this book.

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Japanese knitting stitch bible: 260 exquisite …

$ 16.34

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