Be Seasonal With These 6 Fall Yarn Creations

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It not only has the beautiful natural display of color-changing leaves, but also some of my favorite foods, like squash, hot cider, and apples from the orchard! It is also home to one of my favorite holidays (Halloween). When I think of fall, I think of comfort. It’s a season when I want to wrap myself in a blanket. One way to celebrate fall is to surround myself with the trappings of the season, so I thought I should create a list of DIY project ideas we can all use to immerse ourselves eye-to-eye in autumnal goodness. Crack your knuckles and dust off your knitting needles and crochet hooks; let’s be crafty.


1. Crochet pumpkins

These adorable pumpkins come with free instructions for two different sizes. They also only use a few basic stitches, so they are also suitable for beginners! Sew a few in different fall colors to scatter around your home or use as a pretty handmade centerpiece.

A photo of the Maple Leaf Crochet Tutorial

Castle Crochet Craft

2. Crochet Maple Leaves

This is a video tutorial! Seeing the process helps me, and it might help you too. These leaves are relatively simple, but they probably shouldn’t be the first thing you try to crochet. however, a confident beginner could totally rock it. Once you’re done crocheting a couple, you can do a lot. Thread a bouquet on a string to make a garland, hang them from the window with a suction cup and a hook, or even stick one to a barrette for a seasonal accessory.

A black crochet shawl with a skull motif

Kungen and Majkis

3. Crochet Skull Shawl

It might be a little late to make one for Halloween this year, but that just means you have plenty of time to crochet one for next year! Or you can skip all the “rules” and wear it whenever you want, regardless of seasonal dress codes, because it’s just plain cool. The pattern is originally in Swedish, but there is an English translation and some useful images. Still, it’s a bit messy and probably an intermediate to advanced level crochet project.

A crocheted pumpkin dish towel

Teresa Gregorio (Knit Picks)

4. Knitted Pumpkin Tea Towel

If you’re more of a knitter than a crocheter, there are also plenty of knitting projects. This tea towel, which could also be used as a small placemat, is cute and suitable for both Thanksgiving and Halloween. Check the comments section on the website for advice from others who have done it.

A woman holding a crocheted autumn wreath full of leaves, acorns and an owl

Nicky Epstein (Mark of the Lion)

5. Knitted autumn wreath

Wow, that’s ambitious! Even so, it’s listed as an “easy” skill level, which I assume means it uses simple points. But come on! This owl? Those acorns? Adorable. This project may be suitable for a beginner knitter who wants to show off a bit or do something other than scarves and hats! The model is free; the price listed on the website is for all the yarn you would need. Just scroll down to find the “Download Free Template” button right under “Add to Cart”.

A woman wearing a leaf-shaped shawl in red, brown, green and yellow yarn

ABC Knitting Patterns

6. Knit Leaf Shawl

Fall is perfect for shawls, weather-wise, and this shawl is perfect for fall, design-wise! This is an intermediate level pattern, so make sure you’ve mastered your basic knitting skills and are comfortable reading knitting charts. I think the yarn you choose for this project can elevate it. Grab something with a beautiful fall palette, like the example photo!

I hope you find inspiration in these patterns and enjoy the season of spicy and crunchy leaves! Leave a comment below if you have your own fall project or have tried one from this list!

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