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Arts and crafts being created at Cliffsend Village Hall

Every Monday afternoon, Cliffsend Village Hall is buzzing with creativity.

From knitted and crocheted soldiers, pumpkins, lollipops and a whole range of items for use as letterbox decorations to intricately detailed watercolors and handcrafted cards – the Cliffsend Arts and Crafts Group has it all covered.

Maureen Aslett has been a member of the group for about eight years, but says it’s actually been around for about four decades.

Currently, there are around 11 core members and the group hopes to attract more people, from parents and children to more men, as the artisans are currently mostly women.

Before the covid pandemic, membership numbers were higher, but two years of being unable to reunite means the group now has to rebuild.

Maureen said: ‘The arts group started here almost 40 years ago, then about five years ago the craftswomen wanted to knit and crochet, so the two groups merged.

“We put a notice outside for people to come and join us. There’s no subscription, it’s only £2 for every session you come to and people get a cup of tea and cookies too.

“I like to come because I have a few hours to myself to paint, as well as to chat, because if I’m at home there’s always something else to do.

“We were closed during the pandemic so it was good to come back and see everyone when we reopened and now we just have to increase the number of members.”

On the knitting/crocheting table, the ladies are busy making pumpkins and harvesting everything for the next batch of mailbox decorations. They recently came together to pay knitted tributes to Queen Elizabeth II on her passing. The group had also made royal-themed decorations for the Platinum Jubilee and received a thank you card from the Queen which poignantly arrived on the day of her state funeral.

Member Liz Langston said: “We often knit seasonally, although doing it for the Queen’s funeral was a bit last minute.”

Fellow knitter Ann Townsend added: “We did a little tribute to Captain Tom when he died and for his funeral, it just depends on what happens in the news.

“Then we have the seasons, Christmas, Easter and in the summer we make some for the kids, we even made ice cream and lollipops. Now we’re heading into the harvest.

Artisans, including 96-year-old Christine (pictured above), who makes cards, often sell their creations at town hall morning coffees to fund the group’s coffers of materials and costs.

Everyone is welcome to join, just drop by Cliffsend Village Hall in Foads Lane on Mondays between 2-4pm.

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