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After handing Main Street Café and Catering to her children, business owner turned artist, Beverly Thomas Jenkins literally stood in front of a blank canvas.

Jenkins, who has an art exhibit that will be on display at the McKinney Center through August, includes a behind-the-scenes look at the crafts.

“I grew up around art, my dad was an artist, but I never really created art,” Jenkins said. “In my catering career, I have been developing table settings and flower arrangements for 20 years. “

But eventually Jenkins realized that it was also art. “You get itchy as you get older. What am I doing for myself? My parents had a mosaic dining table when I was growing up, ”Jenkins said. “So I decided to try the mosaic. I had tried quilting, knitting, cross stitch, all needlework. They were fun and interesting, but they never caught my attention. Then I broke some tiles and made a frame. It was the first thing I did, and I was hit.

Jenkins soon discovered that she loved mosaic tiles so much that she wanted to explore other options with art.

“I realized I was damn good. I remember vividly saying, “I’m tired of making small frames and small parts. I want to do something special, ”Jenkins said. “I wanted to use larger mosaic pieces. “

The calming nature and rhythm of the art was something that Jenkins said had a calming effect.

“I was in the area on my own doing mosaic work. It was cathartic, ”Jenkins said. “Several years later, I wanted to start painting. I did some oil painting, and I was damn good. So I started to paint.

Despite how easily art seemed to come to Jenkins, it still shocked her whenever she looked at one of his pieces on display.

“I look at him and say, ‘I did that. I am amazed. You did that Beverly, ”Jenkins said.

To create the pieces Jenkins loves so much, she has her own unique way of doing exactly what she sees in her head.

“I draw an idea on a board and create on top of it,” Jenkins said. “I create in my head and also as I go along. There are no rules of the art. Some are abstract and some are planned.

The artist has created many pieces over the years, but she has a favorite.

“I love to paint flowers; I think it came from making arrangements in the restaurant business, ”Jenkins said. “I take a step back and look at my painting to see what is missing. He must have power. Yin and Yang to each other. Everyone interprets art differently.

Jenkins is keen to experiment more with different combinations of the art she loves in the future.

“I want to combine painting and mosaic. I paint, I see where I want the glass and I leave the paint visible, ”Jenkins says. “I also use gold leaf smalti in my paintings.”

As Jenkins continues to build her passion, she says she will never lose sight of a thing. “I am capable,” she said.

The opening hours of the exhibition are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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