Animal Crossing Player Make Mom’s Hand Knitted Sweater In Real Life

A skilled Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recently put their knitting needles to work, creating an actual version of mom’s hand-knitted sweater.

A cunning Animal crossing: new horizons The player recently decided to put his knitting skills to the test by creating an actual version of the game’s mom’s hand-knitted sweater. The knit sweater is a garment with eight patterns available, and is sent to the player by his mother in the game during Animal crossing‘s Winter.

Although she had never seen in Animal crossing: New Horizons, Mom is the player’s beloved parent who often sends letters reminiscing about their lives before the game begins or offering words of wisdom. In addition to the letters, Mom will also send the player random fruit or acorn gifts, as well as a homemade gift each month. Unfortunately, while Mom is able to send letters and gifts, the player cannot resend mail to her to show her appreciation. However, a player returned the gesture in another way by building a crafting room for Animal Crossing Mom, dedicating part of their house to the matron character.


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Reddit user novaspacecat showed off their skillful recreation of Mom’s hand-knitted sweater from Animal crossing: New Horizons on the popular series subreddit. The design of the beige knit sweater features two large sunflowers surrounded by four small pink flowers, which took the Redditor about a month. What is perhaps even more impressive is that novaspacecat did not use a knitting pattern, but instead chose to knit according to its own measurements before finishing the sweater by sewing the flower patterns on top. The creation was incredibly well received by colleagues Animal crossing fans on Reddit, many of them wishing they could make or buy one of Mom’s hand-knitted sweaters for themselves.

Animal Crossing characters and aesthetics continue to inspire real creations, several experienced users of the same subreddit recently crocheted their favorite Animal crossing villager. Showcasing their creations to each other, they crocheted characters like Lily, Celeste, and even a demonic themed goat villager inspired by Black Phillip from the 2015 horror film. The witch.

Despite the lack of major updates for Animal crossing: New Horizons this year, astute gamers continue to occupy themselves with awesome builds both in the game and in real life. Given the popularity of Animal crossing collaborations that often sell out quickly when released, it’s no surprise that more design-minded fans have used their skills to create their own items from the game. It seems fair to say that Animal Crossing in-game Mom would be proud of any fans who follow in her crafty footsteps.

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Animal crossing: new horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: novaspacecat / Reddit

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