An MP instructor builds a replica of the Taj Mahal for his wife

The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was erected in memory of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Now, years later, another man named Madhya Pradesh created an exquisite copy of the spellbinding monument as a gift to his wife. The incredible edifice has taken the internet by storm in the form of photos and videos.

Anand Prakash Chouksey used the same marble as the 17th century monument and recruited artists from Agra and Rajasthan to embellish the walls of the structure. He called upon craftsmen from Surat for the furnishings.

Anand Prakash Chouksey, a schoolteacher from Burhanpur, erected the mansion, which is about a third the size of the original monument, in an extravagant display of devotion.

The 52-year-old married his wife Manjusha, who is also a teacher, and dedicated the two-story house to her, which includes a 29-foot high dome.

When asked why he chose to design his house in the style of the famous tomb, he explained that the Taj Mahal has a long history in his area.

Although the famous monument currently stands on the banks of the Yamuna in Agra, it is possible that Mumtaz breathed its last centuries in Burhanpur.

Anand Prakash told the media during the phone call: “After the Queen died in Burhanpur during childbirth, her body rested here for several months, and originally the monument in her honor was supposed to be built in MP, however, it was later transferred to the Mughal court in Agra and this city never had the honor of being the location of an iconic monument, so I decided to make one myself.”

He also explained: “I visited the monument several times to study it in detail and the engineers studied 3D visuals of the structure to reproduce it.”

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