8 back-to-school crafts for the whole family

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Even in the height of summer, back to school is fast approaching. Soon, teens will be picking out their first day outfits and elementary school kids will be collecting countless pencils from their school supply list. Preparing your whole family for back to school is important, but it should also be fun. With ideas that appeal to all ages, from toddlers to teens to parents, these crafts will be useful and fun as the new school year kicks off quickly.

These back-to-school crafts are fun for the whole family as you prepare for fall.

Crafts for the family and back to school

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Sew an Adorable Monster Pencil Case

Does your little kid love dinosaurs or googly-eyed monsters? This little kit is fun and friendly. They’ll love unzipping it to find their favorite colored pencils and pens. With a simple Shiny Happy World design, sending your child to school in style is a snap.

A giant ruler chart to track their growth.

Making a sleek and rustic jumbo ruler allows you to keep track of your children’s growth without having to mark your door frames. You can also take it with you if you move house and pass it down from generation to generation. To create your own, check out Samantha Vargo’s instructions on the stages of negotiation.

A funky beaded mirror to dress up their locker.

Teenagers can be picky, but a mirror surrounded by wooden beads will appeal to even the most stylish high schooler. Created by Flax & Twine, the end result can be beach-chic or modern, depending on your pearls. You can find supplies like beads from online retailers like Michaels, Etsy, and Amazon.

Back to school crafts for kids

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Easy stress balls for kids and parents.

Let’s face it, school is stressful. That’s why some easy-to-make stress balls can really help alleviate at least some of the pressure of getting good grades. Natural beach life makes the process simple with these handy instructions. Pack one for anxious parents on the sidelines of the football game, put one in your child’s bag for test day, or even leave one on the teacher’s desk for those really tough times.

Frame their smiling face with a back to school photo frame.

Your elementary student could be returning to school this year after semesters of Zoom lessons. Capture the moment by riding the bus with a cute popsicle stick frame that your youngster can help you glue and paint. iHeartCraftyThings has the perfect instructions to get you started.

Glass magnets for lockers and refrigerators.

Glass pebble magnets are cute, easy, and (if you get decent magnets) strong enough to hold those A-plus assignments on the fridge. They are also great for hanging pictures and notes inside lockers. You can find clear glass pebbles and magnets at your local craft store or online. The rest of the design is up to you! Let your creativity flow.

Back to school Arts and crafts for the whole family


A DIY wall locker to organize your mudroom or foyer.

Any parent or grandparent knows that keeping track of rain boots, backpacks, jackets, etc. everyone’s is a huge problem. To avoid the rush of last-minute lost items, make your own custom wooden lockers in your mudroom or foyer. Everyone will know where to put their things when they get home and where to find them in the morning. Although this project requires a bit of carpentry, it’s well worth the effort. Follow these clear instructions from Shanty-2-Chic.

Apple glitter jars for fun decoration.

Get into the school spirit with glitter jars. Fireflies + Mud Pies expert maker walks you through the simple process to create your own glitter apples. You can choose the traditional red and green or mix and match with your school colors. Shaking these little “snow globes” can be quite meditative, and they look great on your desk. A glittery apple to shake before the first day of school is good luck, right?

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