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School holidays are fast approaching and parents will soon be looking for things to occupy and entertain their children.

Why not help your child pass the time by focusing on their innovative ideas and creative streak with a good hustle?

Here are seven craft ideas your child can make and sell to friends, family, or even members of your community.

  1. String bracelets: Many bracelet making tutorials are available online. All you have to do is buy yarn and beads for your child and they’ll be on their way to starting their own stylish jewelry business, selling their homemade items to friends or at craft fairs.
  2. Calligraphy Art Prints: If your child wants to make calligraphic art prints, all you need are some good pens and some card stock. Your child doesn’t have to be an artist to find ideas on Pinterest, watch YouTube videos, and then start selling! He or she can sell their inspirational quotes or personalized prints to their peers as school locker decor.
  3. Video game guides: Do you think your child is good at video games? Do this: Ask them to write how-to guides on how to beat popular video and mobile games and sell them as booklets or through an online service.
  4. Cake Pops: A great way for kids to learn baking and business is to make and sell cake pops for special events or birthday parties. They can throw a bake sale for a good cause or set up a booth in your neighborhood.
  5. Greeting cards: If your child makes and sells cards for holidays and events, they can earn money very quickly. These cards can be handwritten, painted in watercolor or even made with design software – encourage your child to be creative!
  6. Crochet potholders: Learning to crochet is a useful skill. Children can learn to crochet by watching YouTube videos or taking classes in their area. Then they can sell their work.
  7. Knit scarves and hats: With a pair of knitting needles and some yarn, your child can make scarves and hats to sell at a craft fair.

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