30 creative knitting patterns for artisans of all skill levels

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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s winter is coming and you’re going to need a scarf. And not only that, but also a comfortable cap, sweater and socks. While purchasing these items is always an option, it’s a lot more fun to create your own. The knitting community has exploded in popularity over the past two decades, and with social media, people are sharing their fiber designs as well as the patterns they used to make them. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in this profession to learn on their own.

Knitting patterns are the best way to hone your skills. Depending on what you create, they use techniques ranging from basis points at most complicated intarsia in the ultimate test: making socks. The conventional wisdom of knitting is that if you can produce a toe and a heel, you can conquer any design that comes your way.

Sifting through paid and free knitting patterns can take forever (so many choices!), So we’ve read it for you and picked out some of our favorites. They vary in skills and applications, but whether you’re a beginner or have spent hundreds of hours tossing and launching, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Whether you’re a beginner knitter or spend hundreds of hours crafting, you’re sure to find something you love with our selection of knitting patterns below.


Ball-sleeved cardigan

Knitting patterns

Bummbul | $ 7.39

Chunky vest

Sweater Vest Pattern

MargueriteEtPaix | $ 4.99

Knitted beanie

Knitting patterns

Miskunn | $ 4.75

3-in-1 button ankle boots

Knitted slippers patterns

Bekah Knitwear | $ 6.99

SUIR fingerless gloves

Knitted gloves patterns

Whistle And Wool | $ 3.50

Fox scarf

Knitting patterns

Nina Führer | $ 7.28

Knit Turban Headband ⨯ Les Roseaux

Knitting patterns

DeBrosse | $ 5

V-back knit sweater pattern

Knitting patterns

Do it yourself and get the glory | $ 5.50

Beginner wrap model

Knitting patterns

Easy design | $ 2.78

Crop top

Knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Hooded beanie with wolf or fox ears

Knitting patterns

Reasons | $ 3.50

Passerine hat

Knitting patterns

Erica Heusser Designs | $ 6

Urban Snood

Free knitting patterns

We are knitters | To free



PDFTricotCrochet | $ 2.17

Summer sweater

Knitting patterns

Wonders of Knitting | $ 6

Elegant bralette

Bralette knitting pattern

SaraKnitsCo | $ 5.76

Inspired by Converse Slippers

Knitting patterns

Reverse | $ 6.17

Twirling top

Free knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Not for jogging

Knitting patterns

Knitwear by Tay | $ 6.15

Reynard socks

Knitting pattern

Kirsten Kapur | $ 6

Forest Berry Jacket

Knitting jacket pattern

FabelVintage | $ 7.50

Zweig sweater

Knitting pattern

Zweig | $ 8.40

Home goods and accessories

Teddy bear

Teddy bear knitting pattern

Knitted | $ 2.89

Mermaid blanket

Knitting patterns

wool affair | $ 4.14

tiny little bunny

Rabbit knitting pattern

DotpebblesKnits | $ 2.89

Oodles Basket

Knitting patterns

Knitting and crochet forever | $ 3.99

Black and White Tote ⨯ Le Cabas Maniche

Knitting patterns

DeBrosse | $ 5

Kiko the knitted monster

Free knitting patterns

Paintbox Yarns | To free

Wendy the Whaap Bird

Knitting patterns

Knit for victory | $ 4.27


Knitting patterns

Miskunn | $ 4.95

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